Example sentences of "that i [verb] [pers pn] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 I was so surprised that I followed him without a word .
2 The old Frenchman was delighted with the tobacco and soap and he insisted that I join him in a drink .
3 Charles , her husband , jokes all the time about what I 'm wearing , insists that I join them for formal dinners late at night , and then teases me throughout them because I 've never eaten squid before , and I do n't know what haggis is made of .
4 It was just lucky that I spotted it in time and did something about it at such an early age , or God knows what the child might have turned into , with Saul 's soul possessing him .
5 Even if I 'd told you that I heard it on the local news , I doubt you 'd have taken my word for it .
6 One officer suggested behind his hand that I visit him at his home after work , and in exchange for this little attention he would write me a six-month permis de séjour .
7 Be pleased to tell them that I remember them with great kindness and great respect .
8 ‘ Yes , not that I knew it at the time , of course , else I 'd never have gone . ’
9 It had been running through my thoughts so often that I knew it by heart , yet now I was suddenly afraid that I might do the wrong thing !
10 ‘ He gave me six points for this country so clearly that I saw them as if on a black-board and could simply copy them down . ’
11 Just that I saw him on a train to London a couple of weeks ago .
12 You must take my word for it that I saw it by accident .
13 And therefore it is only because I believe this particular phrase is quite literally to do with the very crux , the very cross , of our Christian understanding that I bring it before the general assembly .
14 You were standing by the boat , demanding that I let you on board , and I felt such a raw , aching need lance through me that it shocked me .
15 I was only going to say , Chair , that before my time in local government , that I 've mine as an observer each side , er , there was no problem for local authorities to raise a rate , er , there was no restrictions on this , and if they thought they could get away with it politically , they did , and they provided the services , that , that they believed people wanted .
16 I , I just put it on his dinner , cos there 's no way that I squirt it in his mouth , I 'd probably choke him .
17 I 'm going to have some headed notepaper as soon as I can get the laser printer printing out things that I tell it to rather than printing out Courier Ten .
18 You ken when there , there are , this , this old Mary that I tell you about er , she 'd had smallpox when she was young , she used to be a herring gutter .
19 I was feeling so bad that I treated it as a kind of moral victory that I was able to empty most of the water out of the obviously Gav-filled kettle and leave the level at the minimum mark .
20 Not that I mean it to be a breathless race , but rather that I somehow do n't see life in an ordinary manner , not even this sere and monotonous existence in Africa ; granted , it browns me off sometimes , but I do pretty well on the whole ; and if I can still enjoy this incredibly austere and disciplined life , how much more shall we not enjoy life together ?
21 I started off at the s at the start I was er I was getting mouth ulcers , and then well I did n't get them to the severity that I got them with the sulfasalazine
22 Yeah , I never though of that and I doubt if I get it now , all I think was well I know that I got it in the magazine rack
23 I would n't tell her that I got it from my friend , half of it , anyway .
24 My dear mother 's statement years ago that I deprived her of her fur coat and that I was n't much to look at — she once actually pronounced me ugly — bit deep .
25 But I am glad that I provoked him into an unqualified withdrawal of his disgraceful unjustified comments .
26 Not every day , nor as often as I would wish , but I took my middle daughter to see it yesterday and we hugged it together , and two days before that I hugged it with a friend .
27 It really should n't work , but the wretched book is so irresistible that I devoured it in a day , fighting off friends and strangers who fell on it like vultures on a carcass the moment it was cast aside with a happy sigh . ’
28 ‘ And I think it 's going to be very important that I sell it to the Congress and the American people , and that we have a partnership here . ’
29 But it is impossible for me not to feel that my body is other than I , that I inhabit it like a house , and that my face is a mask which , with or without my consent , conceals my real nature from others . ’
30 I think it was Angie and Tony , going back to that incredible support that I told you about when I first met them , that they were also dreamers and had such faith and believed in David 's future and his destiny .
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