Example sentences of "that it be often [verb] " in BNC.

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1 A feature of the jazz chord is that it is often conceived as a small and highly mobile unit .
2 This case is so important , by comparison with the social situations of artists in later societies , that it is often presented as if it were singular and uniform , and this can have important effects on its more general interpretation .
3 Indeed , the pervasive appeal of the term ‘ bottom line ’ ( profit after all deductions ) is such that it is often used as the ultimate test of success in any aspect of society ; in sport , how well the game is played is irrelevant , what matters is the final score — the bottom line is winning or losing .
4 It is a symptom of the high esteem in which ivory has consistently been held in civilized societies that it is often linked with gold and precious stones .
5 Such behaviour is hardly the ultimate manifestation of anarchy that it is often depicted to be .
6 Particularly , we have seen that it is often financed by revenue , either explicitly ( by recording it as an asset with an equal figure of capital discharged ) or implicitly ( by expensing it ) .
7 The great defect in such writing is that it is often structured by questions of the form Who discovered such and such a fact first ? or Who first anticipated such and such a concept ?
8 NB : It is important that this is taken into account when calculating the cost of goods sold as our experience is that it is often overlooked .
9 The scarlet pimpernel is so sensitive that it is often known as the Poor Man 's Weather Glass .
10 He explained the detailed attention which was paid to the background of a child appearing before the Panel and pointed out that it was often revealed that the children concerned came from large families , which were poor and in which there was an absence of adult male guidance .
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