Example sentences of "i [verb] at the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Limply I gazed at the mortal oiliness of the water , in which no creature could prosper , and the dockside crowds of welcome floating and swimming above like tropical fish .
2 Be before we start can I make two quick announcements , one er I made at the last lecture , that is there is a public lecture given by Baroness at five fifteen today on the subject of the Soviet Union and wh where does it go , erm and that 's in .
3 Luckily I lived at the higher end of the village so my house was not affected .
4 I pout at the pouting mackerel
5 I pawed at the hairy form .
6 I shouted at the unfortunate Harry .
7 Vern wandered slowly in front taking not a blind bit of notice of me , not even when I shouted at the long-beaked birds and made them flap up into the air crying like out-of-tune seagulls .
8 It had been aimed at my head , but I moved at the last second , prompted by some unclassified intuition of survival .
9 I sucked at the little trickle of blood from my finger .
10 I trained at the Royal and I 'll be able to get you a bed immediately . ’
11 I knock at the wood-plank door and it sounds as empty as a politician 's promise .
12 And I mentioned at the last meeting I think what has actually been said in the erm meeting I could repeat that , but I mean it confirms exactly what you 're saying .
13 I lapped at the warm , rich blood ; very nice , very fresh .
14 I say nearly because he woke as I stopped at the next petrol station .
15 We somehow got on to the subject of detective stories , for it had been with some surprise that I learnt at the Old Parsonage meeting that at one time he had read them with avidity .
16 It 's kind of late now and I 'm in no condition to drive so when I get the 205 I only take it as far as the outskirts of Inverness where I stop at the first lit Bed and Breakfast sign I see and talk politely and slowly to the pleasant middle-aged couple from Glasgow who run the place and then say goodnight , close the door of my room and fall fast asleep on the bed without even taking off my jacket .
17 One Christmas Eve I woke at the critical moment , and saw , not Santa Claus , but three familiar figures indulging in heavy horse play at the foot of the bed .
18 I came at the same time as the Sweeper came for I saw him standing by this very cage in clothes the people wear and not in Keeper-clothes such as he began to wear afterwards . ’
19 That handjob I scored at the Happy Isles-I tell you , She-She was giving it away .
20 Rachel and I wait at the little barrier in the station terminus , and again I think what an ordinary pair of holidaymakers we must look — too tatty to be honeymooners , but the same kind of contentment together .
21 I look at the dark house in front of me and the screens of tall shrubs and young trees on either side concealing the two neighbouring villas .
22 During the spring , I look at the new beech leaves .
23 Sometimes I look at the other women , see one with a baby on her knee , then a little child runs up and tells her something that makes her laugh …
24 Now I look at the confident sexual swagger of young men with more than a faint envy .
25 Quickly , I look at the real Philip .
26 I look at the short-term programme and er see , yeah .
27 For example , that the images that I now call up in my mind as I look at the front door of my house , this is something quite real , but it 's real in a much more radically different , in a radically different sense , there 's a , somehow a radically difference in the kind of reality which that image enjoys , to the reality that that bottle enjoys .
28 ‘ One week I look at the various uses of manure , another , say , a flat cap that can improve your golf swing or the cup and spoon for people with moustaches . ’
29 I look at the knackered tubes .
30 ‘ As I look at the shabby , commercialised and demoralised society in which I write I am more convinced than ever that the political analysis on which I was brought up was right .
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