Example sentences of "i [verb] [pron] the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 ‘ If you would like me to forgive you the other half of your great debt , then fire the kiln tomorrow morning , well before dawn .
2 He instructed me to meet him the next day at the Turkman Gate , soon after dawn .
3 Can someone let me know who the 5 injured Man City players were ?
4 I asked myself the same question , ’ said Dr. Ray .
5 Because I asked in the other classes , three or four American students , and I asked them the same question .
6 The right hon. and learned Gentleman nodded when I asked him the same question earlier , but he has not said how he will ensure fairness between schools and therefore , no discrimination against students with special needs .
7 This what I asked you the other week .
8 God knows why — I made him the same way I made the rest of you — but there it is .
9 I repeat what the hon. Member for Antrim , South ( Mr. Forsythe ) said about patients ' private needs payments .
10 Erm but did n't the peasant culture already have erm sort of elements of collectivization alread I mean which the Communist Party could
11 I mean what the strange thing is that I was reading about
12 Yeah , I mean I The important thing is I think the children do recognize the differences , not that they do n't notice the differences , because they 're Like you say they 're capable of using the other if it if it suits them .
13 and I 'm seeing the surgeon today and erm and I met somebody the other day who 'd had it done and his fingers were n't affected , you know , so I mean it 's just the luck of the draw I think .
14 ‘ I 've known Francisco for years — I met him the first year I came here , when Monte Samana was brand new . ’
15 " Yes , I met someone the other night who made a sort of suggestion about a possible job of some kind . "
16 ‘ And I sold them the best .
17 Yes , I make it the other
18 I make it the same size okay ?
19 I do think if er if we it strikes me I forgotten what the new guy 's name is you 've got in charge of the yard , what 's his name ?
20 I found myself the only ‘ other ’ .
21 When I found her the other side of my desk I told her in no uncertain terms I was n't having anything to do with it .
22 I found it the greatest fun .
23 A actually I visited somebody the other day and you just forget you just forget .
24 I forget what the other one 's name was .
25 The General Strike , it 's a strange memory because I had to walk down Pad er now , erm I forget what the proper word is now , er it 's called Walk , now .
26 I promised her the best view of Florence from here , Mama , ’ he said over his shoulder as he wrestled with the catch .
27 I promised you the best assassin in England , Mr Estabrook , and he 's here .
28 So I cook one the other day , and I cook one this morning , I 've pressure cooked one for him , but he would n't look at it Reg is definitely
29 Er I felt , I 've been after Danny for nearly twelve months to come see and not been able to get him on the night I want him the only night he was able , was available was I think it was one night when we had something else on I ca n't remember what it was .
30 But how can I know what the categorical imperatives binding on me are ?
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