Example sentences of "i [verb] [pron] at [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Oh ! er look I mean it at all unless David gives me a little
2 Now I met him at one of the numerous receptions .
3 And my answer always was that I could not expect too much when I expected nothing at all for I never thought that anyone whom I could love , would stoop to love ME .
4 I expect you at ten .
5 I found them at last .
6 Erm what did we do yes , well we went , I , I went to Isobel at what , I found her at three , we had .
7 I found you at first light this morning , ’ he said , getting up to take her half-empty plate .
8 I believe I say nothing at all .
9 I helped her at first but it was a mistake . ’
10 Do I know you at all ?
11 Oh dear , I told them at one point why we did , and I 've had it
12 And it , it was n't until many years later that I told anyone at all that 's , that 's the thing I was saying about bulimia , it 's very secret .
13 As for his invitation — if I catch you at 1997 with him or any other man , I 'll revoke my decision about the wedding night , and take you to bed immediately ! ’
14 Shall I expect you at three ?
15 that 's I said its at eight thirty five .
16 Acting on a hunch , I stationed myself at 5.59 p.m. the following Monday , and sure enough I was nearly killed by middle managers trying to get out of the office before the 6 p.m. deadline .
17 like I imagined it at all .
18 Was there no traffic on the Leeds LISTSERV during the weekend , as I received nothing at all about our glorious or not so glorious win , whichever newpaper you bothered to buy at the weekend .
19 I read it at one sitting , and it scared me stupid .
20 When I came to Macmillan , it was with the greatest difficulty that I telephoned him at all .
21 I consider that she would have found a job by early Autumn and therefore the sum must be more than a , nearly a year 's earnings and I assess it at eight thousand pounds .
22 I admired her at first , wanting to help the slaves .
23 Nothing happens on the property in Kent — from which I conclude that our plans have either misfired or we have been seen through ( now there 's a possibility to douse even your ever-optimistic spirit ) and from you I hear nothing at all .
24 I know something at twenty past one on B B C two but I would n't like to say what
25 Lord Tedder , vice-chairman in the early fifties , admitted that ‘ I know nothing at all about broadcasting , but I can learn .
26 I know nothing at all about television " .
27 ‘ But apart from the fact that my mother obviously lived here at some time I know nothing at all . ’
28 Wing Commander the Duke of Hamilton replied : ‘ My instructions are to let it run its course as if I know nothing at all about it .
29 I followed them at all three , but if The Valley was a 100 miles away , I 'd still be back . ’
30 I heard nothing at all , it was purely accidental .
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