Example sentences of "i [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 This telephone call made me think back over the years .
2 Last week , the hon. Gentleman was trying to be a lawyer and attempting to make me read out on the floor of the House a document that he wanted me to table .
3 You 're preparing me to go out into the street , but I still have to go back to the system first .
4 We had a grand doctor from London once , who told me to go out in the fresh air and try to get well .
5 So then it was up to me to go back to the script and find what I could to give me a lead .
6 My mother wanted me to go down to the bungalow with them and because I wanted — I wanted our relations to improve — well , I said I would . ’
7 In fact , he was the one who encouraged me to go down to the Lesbian and Gay Centre in Edinburgh .
8 ‘ Does Faye … or Dr Greene … want me to go in to the hospital ? ’
9 You were n't supposed to turn the radio off , but I used to so they could n't hear me singing along with the tape .
10 I stumbled to the first landing before the recurring cramp forced me to sit down on the floor .
11 Also , when he gestured to me to sit down on the mats which covered the floor , I could not but observe two fairly fresh ( tuskless ) skulls above the door by which we had entered .
12 No point in me hanging on to the stuff , cos the baby 's grown out of it , that 's it , is n't it ?
13 ‘ Any more than it 's possible for me to work up at the college with all those strapping lads running round in jockey shorts and have no reaction whatsoever . ’
14 ‘ When the manager wanted me to work out in the reserves I accepted it .
15 He said , said you were just standing there and all of a sudden he said you looked at me looked back at the wall just went pee he said it 's all come out , it 's all splattered all over the wall he said , you did your fly up , wiped your mouth , washed your hands and went out again as if nothing had happened .
16 Something made me glance over to the long french windows leading to the back verandah , and there she was : Poppy , dressed from head to foot in black .
17 You would n't catch me walking back to the house alone at night .
18 so I was n't quite sure of the answer that you gave back with me walking back from the camera so I just wanted to qualify that so that , I mean all that I noticed was that there was nothing that , that , no information that you tried to get out of him .
19 And my magic wrought true — for it was into your time I came , to Starr Hills , where I had walked four hundred years before ; and coming to meet me was a man who asked me simply if I were a mermaid , for he had seen me walking out of the sea . ’
20 But when they saw me walking out of the sea , they welcomed me warmly with cries of astonishment and delight .
21 ‘ Just let me jump out of the canoe for you , ’ she muttered through gritted teeth , returning to paddling with a new fury .
22 I met Charlie , and he asked me to come along to the Mothering Day Service .
23 And then they heard me tearing out of the sound-web .
24 A pick up a penguin right , great , come on then Jeff say something pardon it did n't pick that up he said bollocks , Jeff just said bollocks , that 's good oh if tonight we would , see me driving along in the car and got that on , oh no , it 'll be really funny , we 're gon na be sitting there going come on as if we 'd said that today
25 When I came back and found the cottage demolished , naturally in distress and amazement , I asked around in the village .
26 I gazed up into the darkness but the rafters were cloaked in blackness .
27 As I wrapped myself in my gas cape and crouched down in a corner of the trench , I gazed up at the sky .
28 I gazed up at the building .
29 As I gazed out of the window I could see several groups of red deer in the distance , and in the foreground the brown ferns with clumps of heather here and there ; it was a wonderful sight .
30 I gazed down at the reclining form .
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