Example sentences of "i [modal v] [verb] [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 Perhaps I ought to know what the scenario was .
2 ‘ I feel I must show somebody the parcel I 've just had , ’ she said , greeting Ianthe on the doorstep .
3 We have dinner reservations at Romolo 's , but first I must show you the sunset . ’
4 It occurred to me this was not an ideal arrangement ; I had a funny , cold feeling in the middle of dinner that perhaps we had been wrong to delay matters until this last moment , where there could be no immediate follow-up , when I must leave him the next day .
5 The person whom I was going to take over the job from said to me at the end of the meeting well what do you think of that meeting and I must admit I the answer and luckily somebody else instructed with some other business and I felt I got off the hook here but in fact that got dealt with very quickly and he came back to me and said well what did you think of the meeting and I had to say to him just one word , was the way I put it .
6 ‘ But you were right when you insisted that I must give myself the opportunity to learn my true feelings , although … ’
7 There is a small part of me that feels that , on behalf of my right hon. and hon. Friends , I should welcome what the Leader of the House has said .
8 The low style is surely recalled by the colloquial " " Hé " " given to God and St Peter as noted above , and the high by the description of the young wife in Les Trois Boçus : ( a beautiful girl So beautiful that she was a delight And if I should tell you the truth I do not think that Nature ever made Any more beautiful creature . )
9 I should do what the man said . ’
10 I should get her the ballet shoes cause it was a ballet dancing that would be very appropriate and I 'll get her some flowers .
11 I had the strange impression that he wanted me to believe he was death ; that at any moment the leathery old skin and the eyes would fall , and I should find myself the guest of a skeleton .
12 The Government are always making predictions , and in that sense the Chancellor may be described as the Mother Shipton — perhaps I should call him the Brother Shipton — of economics .
13 Normally I do the computational modelling first then context but I might do it the other way round , right ?
14 I might ask you the same thing . ’
15 I might ask you the same question . ’
16 I might ask you the same thing .
17 I might erm I might see what the sleeve 's like , I might er er wait and see how much wool I 've got
18 Occasionally I might buy him the big third Mac , the third Big Mac , just to prove to him he ca n't eat it , and this establishes in the superego a , that the , the superego to some extent speaks for reality and , and the reality sense is part of the , is part of the standards which are built into , which are built into the superego , and to , and therefore to a large extent the superego opposes the pleasure principle that operates in the id .
19 They 're my designs , I 'll do what the hell I like with them — ’
20 I says , I 'll go next week This was after three weeks , I says , I 'll go on next week and I 'll take over the job of yard foreman , and I 'll do it the way I want it done , not the way that .
21 I says er , I want to take charge , and I 'll do it the way that I think it should be done .
22 Erm I brought in the old flurry tape , I 've I 've taped I taped our when you 've read my play for me , I erm I taped it and I made a copy for Dave I you know , erm Cybil makes a good effort in that so eventually I 'll lend you the tape .
23 Yeah that 's eventually I 'll lend you the tape for that erm we can pass it round .
24 What I 'll do , I 'll pass you the box and then you can take them out a bit at a time cos I 've sorted them .
25 ‘ Do as I say , ’ he replied , ‘ and I 'll make you the best-dressed , most beautiful woman at the ball . ’
26 I 'll send you the tailor 's bill . ’
27 I 'll send you the cash . ’
28 Right , exactly sixty seconds to go , then I 'll bring you the eight o'clock news , then after that , we 'll continue our conversation on the main topics of the morning , according to you .
29 I 'll tell you what , meet me at the border and I 'll bring you the ways myself .
30 I 'll bring you the scissors cos you have n't got them .
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