Example sentences of "it is so often [verb] " in BNC.

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1 We ought to support family life as one of the foundation stones of a good society and in consequence fight determinedly against the unemployment , poverty and lack of opportunity by which it is so often menaced .
2 This section looks back further into Christian tradition and examines the concept of faith , particularly in relation to the word which it is so often contrasted to , ‘ reason ’ , in order to identify more clearly the stance adopted by the ‘ no meaning ’ theist .
3 Although this amazing armour protects the soft body of the clam extremely well , the animal is not the killer it is so often made out to be .
4 I do not think that these qualities arise wholly , or even mainly , as it is so often assumed , from the character of its buildings and the beauty of the natural forms , such as trees , which stand in juxtaposition to them .
5 We dare not ask for the grace of humility , but perhaps we do n't need to when it is so often thrust upon us , thought Sophia , beating together eggs and sugar for a sponge cake , knowing that her cake would not rise as high as Sister Dew 's .
6 We should not ignore collectivism , however , because it is so often used by the state in Japan to mobilize the support of those who have not benefited as much from the economic miracle , or by company leaders to exhort yet more effort from employees .
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