Example sentences of "it is [adv] that the " in BNC.

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1 It is rather that the whole point of a national curriculum will be lost if it can not be assumed that children at 11 will be ready for whatever is the generally agreed content of the first year at secondary school .
2 It is rather that the idea and ideal is always likely to function as a corrective to complacency rather than as a prop to It .
3 Having said that , it is entirely possible that one is being hopelessly naïve and that it is simply that the AIDS test has replaced the screen test as the sine qua non for any ambitious ingénue .
4 It is simply that the type is more or less stable , established by convention , whereas the token is not since it is conditioned by context .
5 It is simply that the most plausible stories now available about that evolution , including its very recent date and also certain considerations about the physical characteristics of the species , suggests that human beings are to some degree a mess , and that the rapid and immense development of symbolic and cultural capacities has left man as a being for which no form of life is likely to prove entirely satisfactory , either individually or socially .
6 It is simply that the Irish government want to achieve it by peaceful means , and the IRA otherwise . ’
7 It is simply that the necessary distinctions are not to be found at the level of categorical separation but rather at the level where they are in fact produced , which is that of both general and specific cultural and social orders .
8 Thus the implication is that if the State Department issues a mild statement in response to an issue which is provoking inflammatory articles and speeches in the press and Congress ( for example , over the Agrarian Reform Law ) , then it is simply that the government is hiding its ’ real' intentions in order to deceive .
9 Now I doubt if any modern scientist really believes that mind " and " matter " are distinguishable in this simple dualistic way ; it is simply that the experimental research worker , in his laboratory , is bound , by the context of his work , to act as if he believed it .
10 Perhaps it is right that the official institutions of a community should express moral judgements on behalf of its law-abiding members — but why should it have to take form of punishment ?
11 During the middle years of their married life , and before Prince Charles becomes King , it is right that the paths and interests of the Prince and Princess of Wales should diverge somewhat .
12 If there are any sources available to the Government that disprove that figure , it is right that the Minister should put those sources to the House .
13 Surely it is right that the House should be able to question the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer about his apparent differences of opinion with his hon. Friend the Member for Derby , South ( Mrs. Beckett ) .
14 It is thus that the ‘ head ’ as bearer of an impressive array of receptor organs ( sight , sound , odour ) has evolved .
15 It is partly that the teachers were asking for a depth of cataloguing , a level of retrieval , that is very expensive .
16 It is here that the Germans have done so much pioneer work , and indeed the whole tendency of their art historical studies has been to regard works of art almost entirely from a chronological point of view , as coefficients of a time sequence , without reference to their aesthetic significance .
17 Just as important as establishing what to include is deciding what to exclude , and it is here that the purists may find cause to tar and feather us .
18 I wonder if it is here that the pictures are to appear , worrying that the seats are badly arranged , pointing the wrong way , that we wo n't be able to see them properly .
19 Abutting the Skeleton Coast , that legendary graveyard of mariners and ships , it is here that the last of the world 's black rhino range free , while galloping hyenas and lunging kudu buck comprise the main traffic hazards .
20 It is here that the nose section of the 747 landed , 150 yards from the church , and 120 bodies were found on the surrounding hills .
21 It is here that the ability of banks to pull off mergers successfully is most at question .
22 Even more astonishing are the powers accorded to the government as a whole , for it is here that the primacy of the executive over the legislature is most clear .
23 It also includes accepting responsibility for one 's own family , and it is here that the burden of active citizenship is liable to fall disproportionately on women .
24 It is here that the goal of developing a different vision , for locating a different set of values , becomes pre-eminent — because with that different vision , with a determination to create a new set of values which recognises intrinsic value in all living creatures , we can properly inform and inspire a programme that works , albeit a gradualist one !
25 The world of the imagination is limitless and it is here that the mind must be freed , but it must also be given the spur of inspiration .
26 It is here that the various valves , heaters etc. , comprising the Wolverton system of steam heating are manufactured , and all the stock of the Company is rapidly being fitted with this patent arrangement .
27 It is here that the value of well thought-out objectives can be seen .
28 It is here that the story of the park and the plough becomes engulfed in politics .
29 The bottom line is the way it sounds , and it is here that the Ariston CD3 accumulates most of its brownie points .
30 It is here that the polymer scientist needs to manipulate the cross-link and backbone structure , while maintaining the same water content , to limit deformation under eyelid load to around 5 per cent , with good elastic recovery .
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