Example sentences of "it be time [pron] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 For it 's time they saw more of me in the south , Iago , where I shall not be expected .
2 Sliwa said : ‘ If people are going to like you it 's time they know the truth .
3 I really think it 's time they allowed me to join .
4 It 's time they earned their wages ! ’
5 Comrades , it 's time that this union , along with other trade unions , made it absolutely clear to the Labour leadership , we are the Labour Party , it is us that gives resources , our time , our money , everything to try and get them elected and it 's time they stopped kicking us in the teeth at times such as this .
6 It 's time they joined the game . ’
7 He said the flights amounted to £6,000 of taxpayers ' money : ‘ It 's time they paid the money back . ’
8 Perhaps , after all , it 's time we met . ’
9 It 's time we had a talk , ’ Otley said the next morning .
10 I think it 's time we had a drink .
11 That 's why I think it 's time we had a look at his flat . "
12 ‘ I think it 's time we had further words with our porter friend . ’
13 It 's time we had ministers who will listen to Social Services and in a few months time we shall have them , a Labour Government .
14 It 's time we had an outstanding international , ’ said the English coach who , without any sour grapes after Wales 's win at Cardiff , desperately wants to see some back play , sadly missing in most of the Five Nations games so far .
15 It 's time we got you home , Darren .
16 Whatever the trouble is , it 's time we got back . "
17 ‘ I think it 's time we got things straight between us , ’ he said grimly .
18 As we sit to yet another cup of greasy coffee in a steamed-up café I suggest it 's time we got out of all this .
19 It 's time we got back to those glory nights . ’
20 ‘ I think it 's time we got a few things clear .
21 It 's time we got a few things sorted out .
22 ‘ I think it 's time we got back to work , do n't you ? ’
23 ‘ I think it 's time we got you something to drink . ’
24 It 's time we got this marraige question settled .
25 It 's time we lifted some of it .
26 It 's time we took a load off your mind .
27 It 's time we took a stronger line with wild-eyed enthusiasts who do n't think through the full consequences of their soft-hearted feelings .
28 I feel that it 's time we made a commitment .
29 It 's time we made a man of you , aye , and time you stopped fooling with girls and halfwits . "
30 Glancing at his watch , he added , ‘ It 's time we made our way to the dining-room .
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