Example sentences of "it be [noun] [pers pn] [verb] " in BNC.

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1 thought it were road he put all four in , and he went down , up
2 Oliver said that could have been easily accomplished by telling Shildon where they really were and if it were Shildon she had heard going through a desk in the typists ' room he must already have found out .
3 I hate these as it were things you know ?
4 Whether it were coat she had on or not
5 And with it being Tuesday it means that we 've our missing persons feature , where are you now , round about three thirty today , so if you 've lost touch with a friend , relative or neighbour we could find them for you if they 're still in the East Midlands .
6 and people used to go and see it and go and enjoy them and if you want to erm , if you went into Wales and on that way there was , who was it , it 's Albert you know
7 Oh , I always wonder about that , I never know whether it 's correct I mean it certainly sounds better as you said , she did n't take her hand away , but I always find that when I 'm writing something down , I 'm torn , if it 's dialogue I want to say they did n't , could n't and all things come in .
8 It 's Stone he wants , really .
9 Once you 've put the lid on you get smoke coming out all around the edges , well , actually , it 's steam you know .
10 To test it 's authenticity I chose a dozen snails in garlic butter to start a dish that I 'd only ever eaten in Paris before .
11 ‘ OK , so it 's honesty you want .
12 Film making is highly technical but for it 's inspiration it depends on one 's capacity intuitively and creatively , and it means bloody hard work
13 It 's geriatrics I think .
14 You 've got to change them every so often , mm , it tells you to , I suppose that 's to stop it erm suddenly dying on you , it 's sense I suppose
15 I think they get , I think it 's Mold they go
16 If it 's crowds you want , you can even get to Venice in three hours .
17 I it may not be the case , but I think it 's possibility you 've got to consider , is n't it ?
18 It 's thoo he mun suit . ’
19 no , because the point is that Labour has not changed it 's course , which is recognizing that at the heart of it 's policies we have to show that we know the world has changed , and we 've got a message to women , which is that we know that you are essential in your role in the family , but we know you 're also essential in the economy ,
20 If it 's pasta she comes here and asks us to cook it for her .
21 They know it 's sympathy they need .
22 ( And for those clever dicks asking why I 've given it a higher rating here than in the footy feature , it 's 'coz I did n't know it was on budget then .
23 I mean it 's different if it 's clothes they need , good .
24 It 's money you want , and you 'll make when —
25 If it 's money you want , I do n't have much with me , but what I got you 're welcome to .
26 It 's history I look for , and architecture .
27 Mm it 's Timothy we 've had sitting on that chair .
28 It 's bits I took off the sheets is that , that I er
29 It 's Jane I said
30 Now if it 's tablets they 've taken we do n't do whatever Angie did years ago in , in Eastenders and , and then she 's walked up and down and given gallons of coffee , what you do is keep your casualty at rest , nil by mouth because you , if you give them any fluid whatsoever it 's going to dilate , dilute the tablets that are in the stomach , and once they 're diluted they 've gone into the system quicker , mm , so there 's nil by mouth , now if you 're going to get up and walk them up and down because come on you must walk up and down , what 's happening to this per these tablets ?
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