Example sentences of "it [be] for you [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 How hard would it be for you to live entirely without each of the following basic ingredients in their various forms for just three weeks ? ( choose one answer . )
2 The more formal the meeting , with motions , amendments and voting , the easier will it be for you to record the discussion and conclusions .
3 It might — it 's for you to decide — be preferable to close Aurae Phiala to the public for some days .
4 Whatever the answer , Philip will meet you at Strata Marcella when he comes from Isambard , and if the man will not come to terms , then it 's for you to act as you think fit . ’
5 It 's very little , all I 've managed to save , but it 's for you to use until I come back .
6 Since you will hold the seller 's share certificate until you hand it over to the buyer on completion together with a transfer of it to the buyer , it 's for you to prepare the transfer , unless you send the certificate to the buyer 's conveyancers for them to prepare the transfer .
7 It 's not for me to come to you , it 's for you to get rid of it .
8 It 's for you to study and peruse so that you
9 ‘ All right , well I have told you that the facts are for you ; you have seen all the witnesses in the case , you have heard them and it is for you to assess their evidence and to decide which of them you believe , if any , which of them you disbelieve , if any .
10 For example : " It is for you to choose between clinical or disciplinary action " .
11 " It is for you to choose to seek professional help in the manner we recommend or alternatively terminate our relationship " .
12 It is for you to decide whether or not you want to join a union .
13 It is for you to draw inferences , Sir Rufus .
14 ‘ Not as rare as it is for you to meet a woman who wants to be there . ’
15 It just shows , I think , how vigilant Councillors need to be when you get all these documents , and you do get many of them if you 're a District County Councillor , and how necessary it is for you to read them and study them and to remember because these things are very very important when they 're put in when it goes to higher authority at that time .
16 Come here to see me if you will ; mother asks you , and I want you , but it is for you to come or not as you feel best , or as you like .
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