Example sentences of "it [be] [noun] for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 Could it be wedding-bells for you soon ? ’
2 At first it were good because it were incentive for her to keep going because she 'd , you know , paid so much but toward the end , she said , it were getting ridiculous .
3 I thought it was Ben yesterday afternoon I dropped Lynsey 's thing in with Ben down there and it 's Jack , I like John , I like to speak to John , so I said John I think it 's Tommy for you , but then
4 And it 's curtains for you and me .
5 If those Labour voters work out that ‘ culture of co-operation ’ means they ought to vote tactically for the Liberal Democrats — and they do seem to have worked it out at Newbury last week — it 's curtains for yours truly . ’
6 It 's money for nothing and danger-free as long as you keep shut . ’
7 Yeah , because it 's money for you to spend
8 We will return to Royston for a while but then it 's Scotland for me and France for you .
9 It 's Bacton for you , sir .
10 It 's Davey for you . ’
11 ‘ Course , it 's crap for actors , but it 's experience for you . ’
12 Of course then it 's shame for them .
13 ‘ Now that I 've eaten and drunk my fill it 's time for me to beat away , ’ he said after about an hour .
14 It 's time for me to go .
15 The 26-year-old is guarded about his physical and mental fatigue , but he says pointedly : ‘ It 's time for me to relax . ’
16 I 've got to go now as it 's time for me to get my new dresses fitted .
17 Or say ‘ It 's time for me to run along —
18 They look out of the windows when it 's time for me to come home .
19 ‘ Nevertheless , she declares she 's taking over as hostess — so obviously it 's time for me to leave . ’
20 Yes , well probably , it 's time for me to try and change his mind .
21 It 's time for him to match his maturity with his golf and realise he 's not going to win every time .
22 It 's time for everyone to have a super time !
23 It 's time for his check up , ’ she said , going up to the Bookman 's cage .
24 It 's time for you to have a go :
25 One evening he rang Bobby , saying : ‘ It 's time for you to do something about Marilyn , she 's bugging me . ’
26 It 's time for you to do your number ’ , Lawford said .
27 " I think lad , " Dan Brady said seriously , " it 's time for you to leave the house .
28 But come , it 's time for you to be rather more specific .
29 It 's time for you to take breakfast to the labourer at the kiln ! ’
30 Those are my plans for the future , now it 's time for you to air your views . ’
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