Example sentences of "have just [vb pp] [adv] of " in BNC.

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1 He wrote : ‘ If someone has just stepped out of your life you 'll be better reaching for this single than a bottle , razor blade or handkerchief . ’
2 A book about voodoo in Haiti written in the 1930s might seem an unlikely candidate for an NI Classic — especially since it has just gone out of print .
3 but er one of our major competitors has just gone out of business so we 'll get a spin off from that both in both in estates er and in the hotel scene so
4 A middle-aged building worker who arrived at the palace — his first time in such a place — after his marriage had broken up , said , " I was a little bit disgusted , they do n't treat you as if you were just unemployed , they treat you like a person who has just crawled out of the gutter . "
5 One has just come out of prison after doing two years for bodily harm .
6 Occasionally flicking back a stray blonde hair , Mrs Bottomley comes to the despatch box as if she has just leapt out of a hair spray advert .
7 But we nearly fainted when we asked which cottage — it was the one we 'd just moved out of ! —
8 Charlie was dead keen on Lilian doing him credit and she always did , always looked as if she 'd just stepped out of a bandbox .
9 I thought she 'd just popped out of her house like to have her hair done .
10 The following morning , I 'd just got out of bed when he started barking to get out .
11 Singer 's face was flushed as if he 'd just got out of a hot bath .
12 ‘ I 'd just got out of bed — I was half asleep , ’ she tried , without much conviction .
13 I made sure I looked as if I 'd just got out of bed and dressed in a hurry — hence no socks and the sweatshirt — and went down to front garden to wave them in .
14 A high powered Sierra was careering down a steep hill in Wotton under Edge.When the driver reached the bottom he lost control and ploughed into the women who 'd just got out of their parked cars .
15 Perhaps he 'd just slipped out of her , and located her anus by mistake .
16 It 's pretty hard to think about that when you 've just gone out of a Grand Slam event as early as that .
17 For example , consider the following exchange : A ( to passer by ) : I 've just run out of petrol B : Oh ; there 's a garage just around the corner Here B 's utterance may be taken to implicate that A may obtain petrol there , and he would certainly be being less than fully cooperative if he knew the garage was closed or was sold out of petrol ( hence the inference ) .
18 You must think I 've just crawled out of my crib ! ’
19 At last , a jazz influenced band who do n't try to look as if they 've just stepped out of the pages of Kerouac .
20 ‘ You look ravishing — as if you 've just stepped out of Botticelli 's painting , Primavera , ’ he murmured .
21 See , and I 've just made out of the stomach .
22 And here you are , in your own house , and looking like you 've just come out of solitary . ’
23 I said , ‘ Look , you know I 've just come out of Holloway after being on remand . ’
24 I 've just come out of hospital .
25 ‘ As you can see , I 've just come out of the bath , ’ Shae said , striving to remain polite , when every instinct in her soul was screaming at her to send the actress running with her tail between her legs .
26 So I 've just come out of the goodness of my heart to warn you to save yourself while you can : you 'll lose Hugo — where is he , by the way ?
27 Well they 've just come out of the chip pan
28 No he 'd love that though cos he could come round and go shit I 've just come out of rehab and everyone would go oh wow man you must be really drugged out .
29 Well I 've just come out of the debate which has just finished on the Palestine and Israel situation and er we passed the voting paper which will become policy for the party , calling for er a non-violent solution recognising the P L O and urging the U N to facilitate negotiations between Israeli government and the P L O.
30 She shakes me gently by the hand and announces quietly , ‘ I 've just got out of the bath . ’
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