Example sentences of "have just [vb pp] [prep] a " in BNC.

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1 The company is currently operating eight sites and has just moved to a new office in South Normanton , Derbyshire .
2 This seems to be the view of Lord Donaldson , that truly sagacious Master of the Rolls , who has just called for a new corps of paralegal ‘ civil justices ’ to get people like me off the hook .
3 The CSIRO has just applied for a worldwide patent for its use as a fumigant .
4 The waif-like screen star , who in recent years has devoted her energies to helping the world 's starving children , has just pleaded for a week of peace in Bosnia to enable food to get through to the children there .
5 Your child has just appeared at a Children 's Hearing and the members of the Panel have decided that your child should be placed on supervision to a social worker and that he/she should live away from home for a time .
6 Whatever its merits , however , it will have to live in the shadow of W T Stearn , whose magisterial Stearn 's Dictionary of Plant Names for Gardeners is already out in a revised edition ( Cassell , 1992 , £16.99 , 0 304 34149 5 ) , and whose Botanical Latin has just appeared in a 4th edition ( David & Charles , £25 0 7153 0052 0 ) .
7 The bouncy Miss Routledge , whose run in Bennett 's Talking Heads has just come to a close , explained : ‘ Alan just selects someone , writes the piece and posts it through the letterbox .
8 Particularly when he has just returned from a period of injury .
9 A delegation of lawyers from the British Romanian Law Association has just returned from a successful trip to Romania , having given seminars in two Romanian cities and met with representatives of the Romanian Bar Association .
10 That should guarantee Annadale maximum points in the 1,500 metres , as Lough , who has just returned from a training stint with the GB squad in New Mexico , clocked 3.40.2 … a personal best … at Loughborough on Wednesday night .
11 Walker , who has just returned from a two-week fact finding mission , is now preparing a detailed report for the Latvian authorities .
12 TEENAGE striker Stephen Perkins has just returned from a week 's trial at Stoke City and the Potters have expressed great interest .
13 Professor Jack Spence of Leicester university has just returned from a fact-finding tour of South Africa .
14 She is not smiling like a university lecturer who has just got off the train from Oxford , but like a peasant woman who has just arrived in a hard-class compartment from Saratov .
15 The secretary , who also organizes the church flower rota , has just resigned in a huff , because she says the Sunday school has taken over some shelves in the vestry flower-vase cupboard without asking , so I have to take the minutes . ’
16 The hon. Member for Edinburgh , South ( Mr. Griffiths ) has just spoken in a debate on a United Kingdom Bill and is entirely entitled to do so .
17 It is true that this is likely to happen when a whole class has just embarked on a subject and may be thought ready to take Grade 1 all together .
18 ANOTHER rugby season has just drawn to a close and many followers of the game in Ulster are asking questions about the future .
19 New Canaan , Connecticut , March 1 to April 14 , has just sunk like a stone , disappeared without trace ! ’
20 ‘ Not at all as if you 'd just dismounted from a horse .
21 I switched on the engine , closed my eyes and … felt like I 'd just stepped onto a corporation bus .
22 In deck shoes , casual close-fitting denim Bermudas , and black polo-shirt , his hair tousled as if he 'd just jumped off a boat , he looked very large and male and intimidating .
23 In the first attack , he 'd just popped into a shop in the Lake District — and returned to find the panels of his £52,000 BMW 750i all kicked in .
24 ‘ Well , Karen , ’ he smiled at her as if she were an acquaintance he 'd just spotted in a crowd .
25 It lasted only a year ( although there was no divorce until 1957 ) and some time after that Peter Lawford made the mistake of meeting Ava , who 'd just returned from a trip overseas , for a drink in a Hollywood restaurant .
26 HAVING just struggled through a copy of the Maastricht Treaty I can only scratch my head that anyone would wish to sign it .
27 William Walker , an official from the State Department , remembered seeing him rush to catch a flight to Central America , having just got off a flight from Europe , unkempt , a flight-bag over his shoulder .
28 When he came back , his face was so strained with worry that I felt the sting of another guilt , and I smiled properly ( having just finished with a not-too-terrible pain ) and put out my hand to him to show him I was better .
29 I got the news of the fall of Shatila in London , having just returned from a fund-raising trip in the Gulf countries .
30 I write this having just returned from a meeting in Frankfurt of the Council of the Federation of European Credit Management Associations ( FECMA ) .
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