Example sentences of "have been [vb pp] [adv prt] from " in BNC.

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1 The money , £108,000 , would 've been paid out from a mortgage protection policy Stroud and Mr Stokle had taken out when they bought a bungalow together .
2 It is an interesting thought that this whole design has been built up from a series of interlocking rectangles .
3 The picture has been built up from an analysis of 715 applications to join the group 's management buy-in programme .
4 The lawn itself has been built up from strong flowing curves and these naturally lead the eye away from those rectangular boundaries .
5 The Ferrari has been built up from a shell at an unlikely location on the edge of the Forest of Dean .
6 BOSNIAN Serbs yesterday turned back a convoy carrying food and medicine to a Muslim town in eastern Bosnia which has been cut off from the outside world for ten months .
7 ( 8 ) For the purpose of this rule : ( a ) pleadings shall be deemed to be closed 14 days after the delivery of a defence in accordance with Ord 9 , r 2 , or , where a counterclaim is served with the defence , 28 days after the delivery of the defence ; but in an action which has been transferred down from the High Court , pleadings are deemed closed 14 days from transfer .
8 Er for example erm any service that has been transferred in from another scheme .
9 Invisible earnings for the month are projected to have been £100million , while their contribution in October has been revised down from £300million to the same level .
10 The importance of housing costs in the retail price index has been scaled down from 172 per mille to 164 , motoring costs from 143 to 136 per mille , and food from 152 to 144 per mille .
11 A 35.5 cm high Egyptian quartzite bust of Senbef , a court official in the reign of King Psamtik I , has been sent over from the United States for this two-day sale of Antiquities and is estimated to fetch £600–800,000 ( $1.1–1.5m ) .
12 Scientists stress they 've used a harmless form of plutonium , which has been flown in from Russia .
13 Scientists stress they 've used a harmless form of plutonium , which has been flown in from Russia .
14 THE extraordinary thing about Laura Ashley is not that it has been dragged back from the financial brink ; it is that it was ever pushed there in the first place .
15 The Malone Masters will span four days , two of them Pro-Am days , and has been pencilled in from Thursday to Sunday , August 12–15 .
16 Meanwhile , ICE-T 's new LP ‘ Home Invasion ’ , the rapper 's first release since the ‘ Cop Killer ’ furore , has been pushed back from its original November 10 release date to early 1993 .
17 ‘ The reason we have so many members of other faiths , ’ Olivia says , ‘ is that people feel the feminine element has been pushed out from their religions .
18 A detachment represents a body of troops that has been split off from the rest of their regiment and armed as small , independent units whose role is to operate within sight of their regiment .
19 The new business has been split off from IBM Personal Systems Business Europe , and is claimed to be one of the world 's largest software businesses ; operations are currently being formed in individual European countries .
20 In the Dialtext product virtually the entire Macintosh desktop has been blocked off from the user in order to prevent potential disasters like the erasure of disks or files .
21 At the same time the Executive Information System has been bumped up from its ‘ experimental ’ status to a full product .
22 The camps were spotted by pilots flying supplies to Nagorny Karabakh , which has been sealed off from the rest of Azerbaijan for several months .
23 The upfilling of section sof beach on the south side of the old fly ash block , which was agreed by the Director at the request of ELDC Councillors , has been held back from the Contractor .
24 The self-destructive streak in Scottish football is a legacy that has been handed down from Hughie Gallacher in the '20s to Mo Johnston in the present day , but it finds its most bloated expression in Slim Jim , a player whose massive reputation was built on his slender athletic frame but whose downfall has been a rake 's progress of late nights , seedy bars and relentless beer bellies .
25 The centuries ' old recipe has been handed down from father to son .
26 Often a priority given to some activity in this police hierarchy of meaning has been laid down from a constable 's first days as a probationer and now lies beneath the immediate consciousness , so that any calls for a change in direction of police response may well be defeated by an unspoken semantic value which the institution gives to that activity .
27 I I simply , I simply want er er a direct message from from the programme which is going on Chairman incidentally I I note that Nottinghamshire County Council erm has found a a and the Labour group there has found it necessary to tackle just the same problems erm in elderly persons homes and that I understand that they have a a closure list of seven , now presumably that has been drawn up from a long list of a lot more than seven , say fourteen or fifteen from which they 've made their final choice .
28 Management changes and the resolution of teething problems with machinery improved matters although the target completion date has been put back from May to June 1993 .
29 The game has been put back from next Tuesday because of the Old Trafford second leg .
30 The exhibition ‘ Picasso , die Zeit nach Guernica 1937–1973 ’ at the Nationalgalerie until 21 February has been crowded out from day one , when 600 journalists crushed into the press conference .
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