Example sentences of "have just [vb pp] from [art] " in BNC.

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1 He has just emerged from the studio after recording his third album ; there will be many musical surprises in store .
2 The pristine Gondola has just emerged from the new paint-shop , opened in 1922 , and is about to be moved sideways on the traverser .
3 Though no more than five feet and seven inches in height , he was strongly built , with the air of one who has just emerged from the gymnasium or the boxing booth .
4 A wing is composed of upper and lower layers which may readily be separated in an insect which has just emerged from the pupa .
5 That 's because Tony has just emerged from the players ' tunnel .
6 Still hammering away , the Institute has the satisfaction of knowing that it has at last brought home to the Ministry of Health , within whose purview this question comes , that things are not what they ought to be , and Dr Eichholz , who has just retired from the Chief Inspectorate of Special Schools , is at its request making a special enquiry .
7 Particularly when he has just returned from a period of injury .
8 A delegation of lawyers from the British Romanian Law Association has just returned from a successful trip to Romania , having given seminars in two Romanian cities and met with representatives of the Romanian Bar Association .
9 That should guarantee Annadale maximum points in the 1,500 metres , as Lough , who has just returned from a training stint with the GB squad in New Mexico , clocked 3.40.2 … a personal best … at Loughborough on Wednesday night .
10 Walker , who has just returned from a two-week fact finding mission , is now preparing a detailed report for the Latvian authorities .
11 TEENAGE striker Stephen Perkins has just returned from a week 's trial at Stoke City and the Potters have expressed great interest .
12 Professor Jack Spence of Leicester university has just returned from a fact-finding tour of South Africa .
13 A third has just returned from an overnight trip to Otterbur in the north-east of England Where it has been helping to move personnel and matériel around the ranges .
14 Dom Turner , aged 21 , has just returned from an 11-week assignment in southern Chile with adventure charity Operation Raleigh .
15 A group of ornithologists has just returned from an expedition to an arid area in Mexico in which you are keenly interested .
16 Les Stocker , the animal saviour from St Tiggywinkles Wildlife hospital at Haddenham has just returned from the islands after a fortnight 's hard work .
17 Clarke is now tournament professional at the K-Club , Straffan , County Kildare — he has just switched from the equally fashionable Mount Julliet , County Kilkenny — and manager Andrew Chandler believes a European victory is definitely on the cards for Ulster 's emerging star .
18 For his own paddling Andy has just changed from the AeroQuatic to the Dagger Crossfire and can now do brilliant 360s without paddles .
19 A young woman living in a semi-detached house on an unpopular Sheffield estate showed me a letter she 'd just received from the electricity board : " A board employee will … call at your premises to cut off the electricity supply on 9/11/82 .
20 ‘ Not at all as if you 'd just dismounted from a horse .
21 It lasted only a year ( although there was no divorce until 1957 ) and some time after that Peter Lawford made the mistake of meeting Ava , who 'd just returned from a trip overseas , for a drink in a Hollywood restaurant .
22 Maggie asked Ethel who 'd just returned from the top level .
23 I got the news of the fall of Shatila in London , having just returned from a fund-raising trip in the Gulf countries .
24 I write this having just returned from a meeting in Frankfurt of the Council of the Federation of European Credit Management Associations ( FECMA ) .
25 We 've just emerged from an exhibition at the Royal Academy , ‘ British Art of the Twentieth Century . ’
26 How d " you always manage to look like you 've just escaped from a hair-pulling battle ?
27 I 've just retired from the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service after just over thirty years service having reached , reached the er full time that I matured , that 's thirty years service and attaining the ripe old age of fifty five .
28 Erm , I 've just discovered from the
29 I 've just walked from the car . ’
30 ‘ I 've just come from a session with Gladys Brown , a strange woman who has the room next to Meryl Armitage 's .
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