Example sentences of "that [pron] give [pers pn] in " in BNC.

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1 I can give the hon. Gentleman the undertaking — it is of the sort that I gave him in Committee — that I believe that many things should be done with the extra resources that we shall have , and in the context of administrative matters the care of records is relevant .
2 Because there were , there were easily three lists of influence on referrals that you need to be attuned to , that I gave you in that one erm praise , give a bit of praise to my wife because all I 'm proud of crafty , I thought , you know , why did n't you say that was a beautiful brief .
3 I have been thinking about my nearly twenty years friendship with him and especially what it was that he gave me in terms of belief and understanding of the job .
4 The hand that he gave her in greeting was ice-cold and his expression grave , but his appearance was as immaculate as ever and his bearing composed and dignified .
5 I thank the Minister for delivering every one of the pledges that he gave us in Committee .
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