Example sentences of "have [vb pp] back from [art] " in BNC.

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1 Anyone who has visited a newspaper office in the last five years with expectations from cinematic memories of Citizen Kane or who has struggled back from the newsagent on a Sunday morning with a sample of what is laughably offered as a ‘ leisurely read ’ will know that much has changed .
2 Television came in the wake of other consumer durables : a vacuum cleaner and a boiler for the washing — once used to cook a lobster my father has brought back from the Highlands where he 's been on a spell of painting stations that will be closed by the Beeching plan a decade later .
3 In 1856 he exhibits on his lawn a stuffed crocodile he has brought back from the East : enabling it to bask in the sun again for the first time in 3,000 years .
4 THE 18-month-old Young Vic Youth Theatre has fought back from the threat of funds-starved closure to launch new season with Brecht and Weill 's The Threepenny Opera .
5 A MOTHER who tragically lost two daughters in separate accidents last night told how her third daughter has fought back from the brink of death .
6 A garden tractor company has bounced back from the brink of bankruptcy to become a market leader … despite the recession .
7 They bartered their grain for the salt he 'd brought back from the border , where he traded with Tibetans who 'd scraped it from the arid salt-lakes and carried it south on yaks across the windswept dust-blown plateau lands .
8 The other , Bath and England B star Audley Lumsden , is just lucky to have his chance , having come back from an horrific , career-threatening broken neck .
9 I was not sure that I had been baptized ( having shrunk back from the outstretched hand with water in my late teens , believing baptism a piece of medieval nonsense ) , while wanting to be a member of the church .
10 The Gold Coast had fallen back from the situation 50 years earlier when English-educated Africans had played a leading part in administration , Christian leadership , the judiciary and the learned professions .
11 The problem pupils who 've come back from the brink .
12 Against the black walls there were of course changes in fashion , changes of music , changes in drink ; for instance for a couple of years you could get little liqueur glasses of violently alcoholic black coffee with pyramids of whipped cream on top after one of the barstaff had come back from an affair with a real sailor ( or so he said anyway ) in some German port , Germany somewhere .
13 Not surprisingly , the stars of the night series final were the player who had come back from the World Cup .
14 On Friday night , Tina phoned just after Jack had come back from the supermarket with the weekend shopping .
15 ‘ To us , he had come back from the dead , ’ his mother , Camilla Swann , said yesterday .
16 he had come back from the meeting with Patrick , and he had opened a bottle of whisky … automatically his had reached for it , found it between his legs , and he was raising it to his lips when the hurried knocking shook the door again .
17 Unlike Eb , Josh had come back from the war in one piece , hale and hearty .
18 And that happened each day till Thursday and then , by then , you were delivering what had come back from the Monday , hoping that when you delivered , and collected the money of course , that you might get something else tt , which I were n't too bad a salesman really .
19 When Cardiff had come back from the dead , he had shrunk away back down the hessian-screen corridor towards Rohmer .
20 He had that look he used to get on Saturday mornings after he had come back from the shops .
21 So get in the old shed and then we got a load of swedes , we put it in rack and we come out like chips , chips of raw swede , and then sugar beet pulp , which had come back from the factory .
22 She had drawn back from a direct confrontation again , Guy realised .
23 It had been the Nordic states which had drawn back from the full implications of the Oslo and Ouchy Conventions of the 1930s .
24 He is said to have one of the fastest services in Britain and his game proved too powerful for Tony Marti who had hurried back from a league match to play him .
25 On the real occasion , Comfort had arrived back from the river and had stood in front of them both , her blonde hair a mass of tangled curls , each curl spangled with water .
26 Johnson 's forces had pulled back from the centre at the request of Dogonyaro .
27 Erlich came close to her , kneeling on the rug he knew that Harry had brought back from a fast run to Beirut .
28 It was a blue-and-white pottery bowl Peter 's mother , Kitty , had brought back from a timeshare holiday with a friend in southern Spain .
29 In my babyhood , he had asked the great Australian centre Dave Brown to let me be photographed with an enormous stuffed lion Brown had brought back from a Kangaroo tour of Great Britain .
30 They drank whisky and cider , watched pornogrhapic videos that the teacher had brought back from a holiday in Germany .
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