Example sentences of "have [vb pp] back [prep] a " in BNC.

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1 He has come back with a bang , and the film of Jurassic Park opens in July , which will obviously help his sales .
2 In her latest novel , Jazz , Toni Morrison has dipped back into a time before cross-over , when African-American music was all-black , in her quest for a uniquely black literary language .
3 Mark Frost has gone back as a bowler , though of course he could come again .
4 OR when a gate has swung back on a horse rapping its knees or trapping its foot .
5 Osaka has fought back with a splurge of infrastructure projects , most notably a new international airport perched upon a man-made island .
6 Bewildered , she felt as if she 'd stepped back into a dark cave and was falling into the unknown .
7 But he could not have come back at a more opportune time as far as Selkirk are concerned .
8 He did n't feel up to the mildest of rebuffs from her ; he seemed to have gone back to a relationship like an adolescent infatuation , reading rejection in the most innocent of her actions .
9 time we 've come back with a need-to-be-paid is n't it ?
10 I feel bitter that while I was out there I was somebody but I 've come back as a third class citizen .
11 Last weekend she had gone home to visit her parents , and had come back with a huge bag crammed with brightly wrapped parcels from her mother and father , her three older , married sisters , and all the nieces and nephews they had produced between them .
12 They had come back as a fleet , their sails bellying out under the south-westerly gale , the men shouting to each other across the water to compare catches , and their womenfolk waiting on the beach to help with the unloading and to make a start on the gutting and salting and packing .
13 Frankenstein had slumped back against a tree-trunk for support , his head lolling back as if he were about to collapse in a faint .
14 Of course that is n't really allowed , but once you 've got back as a ghost , there 's not much anybody can do to stop you .
15 She had drawn back from a direct confrontation again , Guy realised .
16 He is said to have one of the fastest services in Britain and his game proved too powerful for Tony Marti who had hurried back from a league match to play him .
17 Erlich came close to her , kneeling on the rug he knew that Harry had brought back from a fast run to Beirut .
18 It was a blue-and-white pottery bowl Peter 's mother , Kitty , had brought back from a timeshare holiday with a friend in southern Spain .
19 In my babyhood , he had asked the great Australian centre Dave Brown to let me be photographed with an enormous stuffed lion Brown had brought back from a Kangaroo tour of Great Britain .
20 They drank whisky and cider , watched pornogrhapic videos that the teacher had brought back from a holiday in Germany .
21 Fergus had gone back into a deep sleep .
22 I felt I had stepped back into a thirties ' film and that in the morning , when we went down into the bar for café au lait , Arletty and Jean Gabin would be leaning on the zinc counter .
23 Meh'Lindi had darted back into a service tunnel and was decamping as fast as could be , cradling Grimm who was wailing like a baby .
24 Slowly but inevitably they had drifted back into a loving relationship , culminating three months ago in their engagement .
25 THE Tories have fallen back on a quack cure for the economic ills they are forcing upon our country — even higher prescription charges .
26 You have come back in a funny mood .
27 He 's come back with a report on the rest of the china and food too .
28 Jenny 's come back in a couple of minutes .
29 We have slipped back to a state of affairs which would be intolerable even in Naples . ’
30 Shares have slipped back from a high of 440p and a lot of the blame lies with its US offshoot Keebler .
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