Example sentences of "have [vb pp] for [det] time " in BNC.

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1 The derogation , which applies to all cereals intervened after November 1 , puts UK farmers on a par with their counterparts in northern Europe where the relaxation has applied for some time .
2 NCLE has argued for some time that schools should have coordinated policies on language as a medium for learning and languages as subjects .
3 The Government has argued for some time now that we live in a parliamentary democracy and that all decisions on behalf of the people will be made by Parliament .
4 The Scottish Dairy Trade Federation has said for some time it is not happy with that .
5 Whether society has the right to determine its own morality is a debate which has raged for some time .
6 Angling for the deal that it has sought for some time now , UK firm IXI Ltd , Cambridge , is starting to cast groundbait all over the water in an attempt to land its catch .
7 Torrance almost had to pull out of the Lancome Trophy at St Nom La Bretesche when a foot disorder he has had for some time flared up during the final round .
8 The International Stock Exchange has called for more time to implement the changes but so far it has had little success .
9 Pick Systems Inc has recognised for some time that it will have to concentrate on the database side of Pick 's personality in order to survive , but currently only around 40% of sales comes from Pick for Unix , with a few percent going to the MD-DOS implementation and the native Intel Corp iAPX-86 implementation accounting for the biggest part of the business .
10 Neither has spoken for some time .
11 The search for such dating methods has continued for some time , but in the second half of this century several methods have been developed , which provide much better ways of dating some sites and finds .
12 He said yesterday that as Mr Dignum spent most of his time looking after the stores , which include the troubled Silo chain in America , the move ‘ reflects the reality of the situation which has existed for some time ’ .
13 I might have felt a little downcast at that point , only the evening had made me feel more encouraged about my prospects with her than I 'd felt for some time .
14 Having gorged for some time on the sweet taste of the ‘ knowledge ’ available from large British institutions , those trained in the ‘ Fine Arts ’ emit an acrid belch of superiority on the subject of their craft .
15 The French high command must also have known for some time , but hushed it up no doubt . ’
16 The village of Weston in which Leapor would have lived for some time was six miles north of Brackley .
17 Plans were at an advanced stage when Hamnett , having vacillated for some time , phoned the BFC to say she had decided in favour of Paris after all .
18 ‘ Headway Intermediate is one of the soundest , most innovative coursebooks to have appeared for some time . ’
19 Israeli leaders had recognized for some time the need for a powerful outside backer .
20 [ The British ] had pressed for some time for a continuation of a combined staff relationship and had only been convinced that we were serious in rejecting this when we moved their combined staff people out of the Pentagon and moved the standing group [ of Nato ] in .
21 Armed at all points against the possible disappointments of her life , conscious of the responsibilities of protecting her mother and sister , worried at the gaps in her education , anxious about nuns and antique dealers , she had forgotten for some time the necessity for personal happiness .
22 Soon after their marriage , Margaret 's depression , which she had suffered for some time , immediately lifted .
23 Although she had never shown even the remotest sign of lameness I was looking at the worst case of hip dysplasia I had seen for some time .
24 He went home feeling better than he had done for some time but he died suddenly during sleep 3 days later , presumably from a breakthrough cardiac arrythmia .
25 Fedorov had suspected for some time , and now he knew .
26 I went reinforced too by all I had been doing for myself and with the knowledge that I felt better than I had felt for some time and that that growth towards well being appeared to be increasing with each day .
27 She had thought for some time that a mouse lived there .
28 In fact , the light weight , the attractive looks , the easy-feeling neck and the light , low action make it one of the most pick-up-able guitars we 've had for some time .
29 Elisha was the man that God had equipped for that time in history , in that land , and for the specific needs of individual people around him .
30 ‘ Yes , I 've known for some time that if you want a bit of peace you only have to bore people enough and they 'll leave you to it . ’
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