Example sentences of "have [vb pp] [prep] a time " in BNC.

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1 ‘ The injury has come at a time when I would love to be looking forward to making my home debut against Forest .
2 The joint Royal College of Nursing and Nursing Standard survey has come at a time when Essex Rivers Healthcare is trying to save £2.2 million to cope with an overspend of £1.3 million last year , waiting lists are at a record high and the closure date of a Colchester hospital has been set .
3 The revival of takeover speculation — there is little doubt that European and Japanese buyers lurk — has occurred at a time when the merchant bankers , after a long period in the doldrums , are enjoying a rerating on trading considerations .
4 It has occurred at a time when expenditure on the CAP is again almost out of control and increasing all the time .
5 The microcomputer has arrived at a time of high unemployment .
6 Mr Milburn says this has happened at a time when unemployment in the constituency is going up .
7 Soon after he came to power he personally led an expedition against the Shanqalla negroes on the Sudan border , and my father affirmed that the slaughter there must have satisfied for a time even his craving for blood .
8 There have been occasional remarks that some players may have dallied for a time with what are known as recreational drugs .
9 An added precautionary measure is to form Newco specially for the management buy-out rather than acquire a shelf company , because a shelf company 's accounting period may have commenced at a time when its Memorandum of Association does not reflect the relevant purpose test , for example , where a general trading company is purchased and turned into a holding company .
10 He lived at Charing Cross in 1585 , in 1589–90 in Writtington , Essex , by 1596 he writes from ‘ my house in Hamsell Park , Sussex ’ , while early in the 1600s he may have lived for a time in Isleworth , Middlesex .
11 On a rocky unmade track through the olive groves , we might have strayed through a time warp into a Biblical landscape .
12 After this he seems to have retired for a time to his Scottish estates .
13 To have eaten at a time like this would have seemed all wrong .
14 Some of the largest marsupials ( Diprotodon ) seem to have survived to a time tantalisingly close to the present .
15 He would have liked , Adam knew , to have lived in a time when a father could forbid his son to do things and the son would obey .
16 Headhunting in Britain was imposed — seeming alien at first — in the search for remedies for Britain 's national corporate ills ; in America it had burgeoned at a time of growth and prosperity .
17 The crash had occurred at a time of clear visibility and good weather conditions .
18 The issue , which had allowed successive governments to mobilize national sentiment , had surfaced at a time when Serrano 's popularity ratings were at an all-time low .
19 It had happened at a time when all I had to offer him was absolute misery for both of us .
20 About 80% had always had an off-farm job and of the others most had started at a time of extra financial pressure on the farm , for example low prices for produce , loss due to weather or stock health problems .
21 He had lived for a time in England , and we discussed whether to conduct the session in English or German .
22 What had begun as a time saving essential has now become my hobby .
23 They have come at a time of unprecedented pressure on the government to speed up the introduction of a secure unit .
24 ITN 's cash problems have come at a time when news is more in demand than ever
25 We are naturally disappointed that substantial catastrophe losses have come at a time when the pace of our underlying recovery is accelerating , but we are confident that the improvement in our performance is soundly based and will continue to show through as strong management action proves increasingly effective . ’
26 You have appeared at a time when things are rather … odd .
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