Example sentences of "have [adv] [vb pp] [adv prt] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Since then , it has rather dropped out of sight , especially after the ECJ in Cases 144 and 145/87 , Berg and Busschers v Besselsen [ 1988 ] ECR 2559 had seemed to adopt the analysis that the transfer of the contract of employment was compulsory as to both employer and employee .
2 He is very well in on a 7lb higher mark than when hacking up at Ascot in October , and has since bolted up in a conditions race at Newbury .
3 Typically , Gedge has since gone in for his usual strict self-criticism .
4 The mitre template has since come back onto the market , but at prices like £18-£20 and considering the relatively small amount of work in which it is employed , some readers will no doubt feel that they could spend that money more profitably , so will want to make their own .
5 A skill he has obviously picked up under the guidance of Dalglish .
6 Lucker has obviously come back for me once , as there is a fresh note on the bed .
7 Australia 's Great Barrier Reef ( below left ) consists of thousands of coral islands , stretched along the entire coast of Queensland ; yet it has all grown up in the past 9000 years .
8 ‘ It has all worked out for the best , yes ?
9 Knowing my luck I 'll only be able to afford a weekend break in Bognor Regis , especially as my measly wage has only gone up by fourpence in the last two years .
10 Thomson 's free kick Pearce gets it clear and then won back by Hill but has only gone back to the Forest skipper .
11 The re-establishment of the Irish language as the first official language of the state became the national policy of the Irish government under de Valera and has only toned down in recent years .
12 Up to now this demarcation of activities has only come about by delegation , no control system could enforce these roles .
13 It 's as if my mind has suddenly broken through into a new area , a space , a vast capacity which I never dreamt I had .
14 But in the last ten years , Britain 's butter consumption has suddenly fallen by about half , and margarine has reached a pinnacle of acceptance .
15 The most tantalising of opportunities has thus opened up for Mr Takeshita : the chance to be prime minister again .
16 Well there seems to be a slight mismatch there , and perhaps some of this mismatch is also a part of , with the confusion I have of the various shifting policy of York , in term in terms of their requirement , there has been in the in the not too recent recent past York were saying they had an additional requirement beyond need which they termed their concealed requirement , although it might not be a concealed dwellings , as we might otherwise describe them , of one thousand six hundred , and that has progressively come down to seven hundred as presented at this enquiry .
17 Stimulus-response ( S-R ) psychology has largely gone out of fashion now , yet in its day it carried the field , and even now its influence is still felt .
18 Since the success of ‘ A Fish Called Wanda ’ , he has largely kept out of the public eye .
19 Since then home viewing has largely taken over from cinema going but there does not seem to have been much criticism of the format as such but perhaps more so the screen size .
20 The modem newspaper horoscope has largely taken over from dream-books , although they are still published , and still draw largely on the works of Artemidorus ( or claim to ) .
21 At the other end of the scale GM 's long-expressed desire to achieve significant sales of its US cars in Europe has finally settled down to more realistic levels .
22 Breaknecking it has finally caught up with me .
23 Palo Alto , California-based Neuron Data Inc has finally got around to releasing version 2.0 of its Open Interface in the UK ( UX No 386 ) .
24 MRS Thatcher 's friends tell me that she has finally come around to the idea of going to the Lords after the election .
25 After years of anticipation , the Taiwanese-backed NuTek USA Corp in Cupertino , California has finally come down to the wire with its Macintosh-compatible technology : the company claims that it has developed the first machine that emulates the Macintosh without requiring installation of Apple Computer Inc 's proprietary ROMs .
26 He said : ‘ I am delighted it has finally worked out for them after all these years . ’
27 The paradox is that while mathematics appears to be based on axioms rather than empirical knowledge ( although some have argued that it is rooted ultimately in the ‘ one-twoness ’ of things ) , it has nevertheless turned out to be remarkably fruitful in enabling us to understand the physical and to a lesser extent social world ; it is as if we had invented a game which turned out to be real .
28 After all this is the woman whose husband has just run off with Felicity Kendal .
29 On top of all that Prince Charles , heir to the throne and the man destined to become the Church 's supreme governor , has just split up with his wife and divorce looks likely .
30 The madman has just flown in from Rome on a whim , to spend a few days with me here .
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