Example sentences of "have [adv] [adv] [vb pp] from " in BNC.

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1 I brought in from my car the gastric lavage outfit I loved so well and which has so sadly disappeared from my life .
2 It should be noted that the largest threat to totalizing control of schools in Ireland has so far come from the integrated schooling movement .
3 When one tries to analyse the real reasons for the respect which French cookery has so long exacted from the rest of the world , the French genius for presentation must be counted as a very relevant point , and its humble beginnings can be seen on the market stalls , i the small town charcutiers ' and pâtissiers ' shops , in the modest little restaurants where even if the cooking is not particularly distinguished , the most ordinary of little dishes will be brought to your table with respect , properly arranged on a serving dish , the vegetables separately served , the object of arousing your appetite will be achieved and the proprietors of the establishment will have made the most of their limited resources .
4 THE irritating Buzby has long since flown from BT 's nest .
5 This gripping drama owes much to the shades of menace hinted at in Caffrey 's Man , and the semi-hysterical flutterings of O'Mahoney 's King , who has long since toppled from his throne .
6 Miss Driver , 22 , has appeared in the television series Lovejoy , House of Eliott , Casualty and Kinsey , and has only just returned from Budapest — filming a Maigret adventure .
7 But the Scot has only just recovered from a mystery virus and insists he needs to be involved for some 10 matches before he is back to his best .
8 Seventh in the English Schools final last year , the 17-year-old Morpeth Harrier has only just recovered from a dislocated hip .
9 Given that HEBS has only recently moved from a topics-based approach , it is not surprising that schools still see the role of the health board in terms of help with specific topics and current health problems .
10 The smallest breed is one that has only recently arrived from Singapore , where it was known as the ‘ drain cat ’ .
11 One way and another , it appears that the search for a new chief executive for IBM Corp is not going too well as one after another , the most fancied candidates declare that they are non-runners — so long after their names were first widely canvassed in the press that they leave the strong impression that they have considered or been considered for the job , but after having looked into it , decided that they would n't touch it with a bargepole : latest to declare his belated non-candidacy is former Hewlett-Packard Co chief executive John Young , who says he is ‘ definitely not a candidate ’ — ‘ He 's enjoying retirement , ’ said a Hewlett spokeswoman ; all attention is now focussed on the thought-to-be front runners that have n't ruled themselves out — Paul Stern , recently retired chairman and tough manager of Northern Telecom Ltd , who could be planning to repeat his double act at that company with another former IBMer , Edward Lucente , who has also just resigned from Northern Telecom ; the other two whose odds have shortened are George Fisher , chairman and chief executive of Motorola Inc , Morton Myerson , chairman of Perot Systems Corp , and Louis Gerstner , head of RJR Nabisco Co ; industry sources told Reuter that the name of Michael Armstrong keeps coming up within IBM — but he quit only a year ago , and has just taken the top job at Hughes Aircraft Co .
12 He has also possibly benefited from the personal attacks on him by Mr Bush , such as being dubbed ‘ a two-faced pumpkin from Arkansas . ’
13 He used to be involved in local community affairs ( as a local authority councillor and later as a JP ) , but has now largely withdrawn from these activities .
14 It has embroiled Dr Sandage in such controversy that at times he has almost completely withdrawn from the world .
15 Lawrence added : ‘ Payton has never fully recovered from the FA Cup replay with Portsmouth .
16 Silvio has never really recovered from that . ’
17 Has my right hon. Friend had an opportunity to look at the study in The Financial Times on 6 January which pointed to the fact that the northern region has very much benefited from the economic restructuring of the 1980s and is now coming out of recession faster than any other part of the country , due to the success of the regeneration programmes that the Government have put in place in the region ?
18 In another version of this theme family law stands accused of having so far departed from principle and precedent as to be arbitrary , thereby losing its claim to guide conduct .
19 She phoned to say that , having only just returned from Chester , it would be around nine before she could get over with it , and would that be all right ?
20 I mean , it could have very easily gone from there to everybody following a different path — going away from rock'n'roll and getting into jazz , or I do n't know what .
21 Some of them looked as if they had only just risen from their beds , as if this was breakfast time to them ; others had the look of people who had n't slept for a week .
22 One was the common ostrich ; the other was the smaller ‘ petise ’ version that Darwin had only just snatched from the jaws of his shipmates .
23 As expected , she found that subjects were very accurate at distinguishing a sentence they had only just heard from similar sentences with semantic or syntactic changes .
24 Then there was the question of the paternity of Mrs Clancy 's last child : Mr Clancy had only just returned from Egypt after a two-year posting , and — as Peony had pointed out — the child was only 14 months old .
25 They had only just recovered from dealing with all the correspondence and presents from the wedding ; six days later , when the pregnancy became official , lorry loads of letters , bibs and baby boots rained down upon them .
26 He had only just recovered from another bout of serious illness and was still extremely weak .
27 Sir Ranulph 's weight had dropped from 14 to 10 stones and he and Dr Stroud , 37 , had only just recovered from the low blood sugar condition hypoglycaemia .
28 But the remarkable thing is that three years ago Euravia did n't exist at all — except in the mind of its founder , Denis Mendoros , who had only lately arrived from his native Greece .
29 The former ANC president Oliver Tambo , who had only partially recovered from a stroke , was given the largely honorary position of national chairman .
30 Here the drill rig , which after numerous delays had only recently arrived from the mining camps of Northern Quebec , was boring downwards at a rate of about 30 m per day .
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