Example sentences of "have [adv] [vb pp] [adv] [prep] " in BNC.

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1 The process of de-differentiation that they celebrated has arguably increased exponentially in the past two decades .
2 Publishers grow thick skins against negative reviewing , but I remain puzzled at the volume of abuse directed at this particular book , by an author who has spent many years working on his subject , opening up new areas of research , and who has arguably contributed more in recent years ( viz Orwell : The War Broadcasts , Orwell : The War Commentaries and The Larger Evils ) to the study of Orwell 's work than any other scholar .
3 Assertiveness training has rarely featured much in religious traditions .
4 Since then , it has rather dropped out of sight , especially after the ECJ in Cases 144 and 145/87 , Berg and Busschers v Besselsen [ 1988 ] ECR 2559 had seemed to adopt the analysis that the transfer of the contract of employment was compulsory as to both employer and employee .
5 He is very well in on a 7lb higher mark than when hacking up at Ascot in October , and has since bolted up in a conditions race at Newbury .
6 Typically , Gedge has since gone in for his usual strict self-criticism .
7 Not only did it fail to achieve representation ( not surprising at under 1 per cent of the vote ) but it has since fallen apart in a long series of internecine conflicts ( which are too complex to describe here ) .
8 The catering manager at Butler 's contract is Neil Patterson — a chef who joined Compass six years ago and has since moved across into management .
9 Has since travelled extensively in Africa , India and South America .
10 Blackburn sent a written apology to the umpire in question and has since apologised personally to him .
11 So too does Micky Steele-Bodger , who played for the England rugby team at flank forward in the 1947-48 season , and has since contributed enormously as an adminstrator , particularly in raising a team each season for the past 42 years to play Cambridge in their preparation fo the University match .
12 Luca Cumani 's promising colt , Montendre ( next best 3.15 ) , got even closer to Welney at Yarmouth and has since won easily at Brighton .
13 With funds to invest worth $1 billion and a reputation for picking winners , he can move markets : the gold price has since climbed rapidly by almost $15 , passing $150 an ounce for the first time since October .
14 The mitre template has since come back onto the market , but at prices like £18-£20 and considering the relatively small amount of work in which it is employed , some readers will no doubt feel that they could spend that money more profitably , so will want to make their own .
15 She has since toured extensively in the USA and parts of Europe , but has made very few appearances in these islands .
16 A skill he has obviously picked up under the guidance of Dalglish .
17 Lucker has obviously come back for me once , as there is a fresh note on the bed .
18 Australia 's Great Barrier Reef ( below left ) consists of thousands of coral islands , stretched along the entire coast of Queensland ; yet it has all grown up in the past 9000 years .
19 ‘ It has all worked out for the best , yes ?
20 But she has long scored highly on the qualities of being decisive , resolute , and principled , a perception helped by the Falklands war and the comparison until 1983 with Michael Foot , the Labour leader .
21 Finally it will be bundled with a Windows-based graphical client , something that Pick has long shied away from , but which it now accepts that is on a number of users ' ‘ tick-boxes ’ .
22 ‘ Remember , Glenn has only lost twice in seven years , once to lose his title to Jeff Lampkin and the other at heavyweight to Lennox Lewis .
23 Knowing my luck I 'll only be able to afford a weekend break in Bognor Regis , especially as my measly wage has only gone up by fourpence in the last two years .
24 Thomson 's free kick Pearce gets it clear and then won back by Hill but has only gone back to the Forest skipper .
25 The re-establishment of the Irish language as the first official language of the state became the national policy of the Irish government under de Valera and has only toned down in recent years .
26 It is not unknown for barbel to pull a rod into the water with a speed and viciousness that has to be seen to be believed , even when the angler has only glanced away from his rod for a few seconds .
27 Up to now this demarcation of activities has only come about by delegation , no control system could enforce these roles .
28 It 's as if my mind has suddenly broken through into a new area , a space , a vast capacity which I never dreamt I had .
29 But in the last ten years , Britain 's butter consumption has suddenly fallen by about half , and margarine has reached a pinnacle of acceptance .
30 The most tantalising of opportunities has thus opened up for Mr Takeshita : the chance to be prime minister again .
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