Example sentences of "be [v-ing] all the time " in BNC.

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1 I said I 've been phoning all the time , I said , and I still do n't know about it !
2 The odds are shortening all the time against him emerging as a big time trainer in his own right .
3 ‘ I do n't believe in the fatal decline of the written word , ’ says Mr Fontaine , ‘ but we are competing all the time — not so much against television , because the screen image and the printed word complement each other , as against magazines , and against the time people spend getting to work and then their leisure time — against music and the cinema . ’
4 Within minutes he had reached the streets leading to the allotment gardens that he would skirt , to find the phone box he had been using all the time he had been in hiding .
5 However , advances are happening all the time .
6 More are appearing all the time , and nineteen eighty two will be no more than a particularly rich year for them .
7 I mean , I think that when people are purchasing all the time the , particularly the order book , is not sensible , but the ad-hoc stuff is hiding the invoices .
8 It has been happening all the time and , with respect to the hon. Gentleman , it has been happening constantly .
9 But normally you find that erm both Stan and I would consider the large goods vehicles drivers as being the professionals , because you are driving all the time .
10 ‘ We are developing all the time .
11 Of course you 're reassuring all the time as you do this
12 Aye , sore fingers , hard , you get hard where you 're cutting all the time in the shape , but apart from that , maybe scissors fall that on your foot and
13 We 're advancing all the time and I think there may came a time we wo n't use animals at all for medical research , but at , up till now we needed to use animals for medical research .
14 erm I 'm conscious of the fact that I 've been going on for perhaps too long and I may not have said quite enough about Darwin , but let me just finish by saying this that it 's not possible today , I believe , to discuss any important problem in biology without Darwin 's thought being absolutely central to what you 're saying all the time .
15 And you 're learning all the time , Pip !
16 Yeah cos they have , they have a tendency to do that sort of thing you see they 're changing all the time
17 It 's moving constantly and we 're increasing all the time .
18 And they 're stalling all the time .
19 Cos you 're chatting all the time are n't you ?
20 I 've been here three years now and it 's been improving all the time .
21 erm He 's been improving all the time erm and I think he could be a live erm candidate for the outright winner , so that 's the third leg of the yankee .
22 Networks of communicating computer systems , within and across frontiers , are growing all the time in the private and public sectors .
23 ‘ And the prospects are good because Littlewood 's are growing all the time .
24 You will never get the best out of it if you are worrying all the time about stalling .
25 Like Williams , Hill was defiant about his talent and ambitions , saying : ‘ I am not too disheartened because I am improving all the time as a Grand Prix racer and you have to remember it is my first season .
26 But diesel engines are improving all the time , and developments like turbocharging and direct injection mean that the power gap between the two systems is shrinking .
27 The medical treatments for some of the illnesses you may experience are improving all the time .
28 Current video printers can produce a paper image approaching the quality of a photographic print and are improving all the time .
29 The third is that , in the real world , the eyes are moving all the time so that even cells that would behave transiently in electrophysiological studies in which the eyes are routinely immobilized , would generate a continuous output as the stimulus sweeps backwards and forwards across the receptive field .
30 His hands are moving all the time . ’
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