Example sentences of "be [vb pp] over the [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Mr Clinton may be staking the future of his presidency on his plan , details of which have been leaked over the past week .
2 Police , firemen and council workers had worked through the night to restore the scene of the atrocity , and fresh paving stones had already been placed over the gaping holes left by the blasts .
3 The way the work-force has been treated over the last few years , the uncertainty that 's been created and the lack of consultation , the impact on their lives of such a closure on people who have been expecting to be there until they retire — their jobs may well go , and the impact on that , both for their own lives as well as their families .
4 By contrast , I make it clear that Labour believes it is right and just and should be the first priority for pensioners to get an increase of £5 a week for a single pensioner and £8 a week for a married couple , given the mean and miserable way in which they have been treated over the past decade .
5 It had been welded over the preceding decades by the authoritarianism of manager Bill Struth , staunch Presbyterian traditions , the famous ‘ iron curtain ’ defence and tough captains like Big George Young .
6 One of these , PC-Hornet , which has been developed over the past 10 years , will be shown for the first time by McDonnell Douglas .
7 In a way , the show marks the next step on from the post-industrial carnivals that have been developed over the past ten years .
8 The Lothian proposals for assessing needs have been developed over the past year by the Lothian Assessment and Care Management Steering Group — an interagency group chaired by Lothian Social Work with representatives from Lothian Health Board ( medicine , nursing and planning ) , General Practitioners , District Council housing departments , housing associations , voluntary and private sector organisations and users ' and carers ' groups .
9 The engine has been developed over the past four years by engineers and designers at Vauxhall 's parent plant , General Motors .
10 To encourage mobility , two separate initiatives , both covered by EC Directives , have been developed over the last few years .
11 A new framework of national awards in engineering has been developed over the last few years .
12 Our joint ventures with LVMH continue to progress well thanks to strong personal and commercial relationships which have been developed over the last five years .
13 HELP has been developed over the last five years and is available to Henley programme members throughout the world .
14 For instance , in one of the lectures we were talking about how you know how heavy an atom is , and my colleague , Mike Pendlebury , was describing how you can actually do this by weighing a crystal and counting the number of atoms in it , erm this is certainly not the traditional way , it 's a way that 's been developed over the last few years .
15 Variations in pension cost , which are identified as a result of actuarial valuations , are amortised over the average expected remaining working lives of employees .
16 The third round of talks , in May , had been halted over the same issue [ see p. 38191 ] .
17 Whether or not further concealed households are formed over the next fifteen years , seems to me to be an irrelevance .
18 The constitution of the Federation , which has been formulated over the past two years , was agreed with twelve countries accepted into membership .
19 Published by the Menil Foundation with Mercator Fonds and Thames & Hudson ( £45 ) , it is aimed at a wider readership , but it will be the essential essay for all students keen to learn how a great scholar 's opinions have been honed over the long years spent in the consideration of Magritte 's art .
20 Around Somerton in Somerset , for example , Roger Leech suggests that all the settlements that existed in late Roman times have been located over the last several centuries , and so the pattern we see is probably a true reflection of the state of affairs in the Roman era , showing farmsteads and hamlets 1–2 kilometres ( ½-1 mile ) apart , scattered evenly across the landscape .
21 been attacked over the last few months of not wasting time on the hunt I spend an awful lot of time relieving heavy goods traffic in my area , concerned totally about the environment , about mineral extraction quarries , mining , open cast , things of that calibre .
22 About 30 horses have been attacked over the last 18 months in Hampshire and surrounding counties .
23 Showers are expected over the whole country — but the south-east may get a dry spell on Saturday and Sunday .
24 Some 150,000 Jews , Armenians and ethnic Germans have come to the US since 1975 , and 80,000 more are expected over the next year .
25 The hotel , which will have full conference , banqueting and leisure facilities — including an outdoor swimming pool — is the first Novotel venture in Ireland , but others are expected over the next few years .
26 The report claims three hundred and sixty five cases of AIDS have been reported over the past three months ; it 's the highest quarterly rate yet .
27 All the hospitals in Southampton have been rebuilt over the past few years .
28 The firm 's market share in Italy 's public sector has been eroded over the past three years and he says Olivetti , unlike its principal European competitors ( Siemens-Nixdorf of Germany and Bull of France ) , has enjoyed no particular privileges in its home market .
29 In it , Ptolemy summarized much of the scientific knowledge which had been amassed over the previous centuries .
30 It was suggested that too much VAT had been claimed over the previous two years .
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