Example sentences of "be [adj] all the time " in BNC.

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1 Unless he 'd been asleep all the time ?
2 He had simply been angry and believed that it meant he had been right all the time and that his sister really was in Hepzibah 's Power .
3 I now had the distinct impression that headvoice had been right all the time , that it was in fact down to me , or rather the old ‘ guilty conscience ’ ( which is well known to be capable of playing up without proper cause ) , playing tricks with my head .
4 Her last waking thought had been that she was wrong , and that Ace had been right all the time .
5 At the beginning of exercise strength is often good , and then it steadily declines with increasing effort and , in severe cases , patients are weak all the time ; they ca n't see properly ; they see double ; their eyelids droop ; they ca n't hold their heads up ; they ca n't chew ; they ca n't swallow ; their arms and legs are weak ; they ca n't peg out the clothes on the washing line ; they ca n't walk upstairs , and in really severe cases they ca n't even breathe — unless they 're supported on life support machines they would die .
6 It became a decisive and dangerous piece of initiative and the escaper got the credit of it having been that all the time .
7 The grounds of appeal were , inter alia , that ( 1 ) the justices had exercised their discretion to award costs on the wrong principles as it had not been shown that the local authority had acted in bad faith or unreasonable in the performance of its statutory duties or had acted unreasonably in the conduct of the proceedings before the court ; ( 2 ) there were no circumstances which justified the making of the costs order ; ( 3 ) the justice should have found that there were good reasons for the local authority to be concerned about the father 's ability to care for the children , the local authority was not bound to adopt the view of the guardian ad litem and the local authority had communicated the decision not to oppose the father 's application within a reasonable time on receiving the report of the guardian ad litem ; ( 4 ) the justices had been wrong to assume that the change in the view of the local authority amounted to an admission that the views of the local authority had been wrong all the time .
8 The local authority 's decision to agree to his application was an admission that they had been wrong all the time .
9 ‘ I 've been wrong all the time , Muriel .
10 I would have to go to my constituency and say that I had been outbid by Tory Ministers , and that after complaining for all these years about their accruing power to themselves I had found that I had been wrong all the time .
11 ‘ Sometimes , when people are funny all the time , they wear you out .
12 Our minds could not stand the constant battering of immediate reaction to the myriad perceptions to which we are subject all the time .
13 you 're guilty all the time
14 You 're high all the time except for those periods when you just crash because your adrenalin has left you . ’
15 I was one of those people who 're sick all the time in pregnancy , not just in the mornings , I was sick day after day for hours .
16 The other is that you 're bisexual all the time , and of course you 're not .
17 they 're ongoing all the time .
18 The police response to the increasing number of criminals prepared to use guns , has been to train firearms specialists and make sure they 're available all the time at short notice .
19 Well apparently our load facts according to I mean they 're sixties all the time so
20 The patient 's problem is that he has joined a group of unfamiliar people , some of whom , the patients , are present all the time ; others , the nurses , are in his vicinity for some of the time ; and a whole variety of others appear ‘ to come and go ’ .
21 After having amassed around 200 hours on the Corsair since purchasing it in 1982 , the novelty of flying this beast has not diminished : ‘ Today I feel that every flight in the Corsair is as exciting as the first , mainly because with the Corsair you can not afford to be complacent , as the aircraft will sometimes bite back , so I have to be alert all the time while I am flying ’ .
22 The question must be this : Why does the devil not allow his ‘ prophets ’ to be right all the time ?
23 Many people suffer from the same disease of thinking they must be right all the time , and they must push their rightness onto other people .
24 Because even the most inspired forecasts of how prices are going to move ca n't be right all the time , some forward purchasing is arranged on a ‘ hedging ’ basis .
25 The womenfolk will all have to be pregnant all the time , of course , if the community is to survive .
26 This way I 'm wrong all the time ! ’
27 People want me to be funny all the time .
28 but Jesus Christ calls his people to be faithful all the time , throughout life .
29 But you ca n't expect it to be perfect all the time .
30 Yeah well you ca n't expect me to be perfect all the time .
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