Example sentences of "be [adj] for [pron] [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 It would have been humiliating for her to say to her mother , ‘ I had nothing to do with it ; it was the bright boy who made the suggestion to the grand dame . ’
2 It must have been humiliating for her to accept that after helping him to create an empire within show business , he should choose to spend his time with a younger woman .
3 But generally it 's been unnecessary for us to have much contact .
4 Obviously Wordsworth 's performance in his studies at school must have been outstanding for him to have started off at Cambridge with such a lead , and it is hardly surprising that in the college examination in 1787 he was placed in the first class .
5 ‘ I need help getting on and off the train and British Rail provides a ramp for this , but for about a month it 's only been possible for me to arrive or leave the station before 3.15pm .
6 He was twenty — well this June — and he still had n't walked out with a girlfriend , and yet his mother was moving in very exalted circles , where it should have been possible for him to meet the pick of the debutantes .
7 It had not always been possible for him to observe the phenomenon on his own .
8 They knew only , as they retraced their steps through the deep woodland of the park , that they could no longer be content at Racedown , even had it been possible for them to remain there .
9 The Commission so stirred the Poles , that while it had initially been possible for them to buy up Polish estates for German settlement , by 1898 , when the Prussian Landtag voted an additional 100 million marks for the Commission 's use , the Poles had already begun to see the sale of land to the Commission as a crime against the nation and had begun to organise their own agricultural co-operatives and credit unions .
10 Obviously a transfer of allegiance in the feudal way was much less of a strain than the submergence of a national spirit , and there was a great difference between the national spirit of Englishmen and the allegiance to the King of France or to the Great Moghul felt by the inhabitants of New France and of Bengal ; if the inhabitants of Bengal had felt that they were citizens of the nation of Bengal it would hardly have been possible for them to change to feeling they were Englishmen , but for them to feel that they used to owe allegiance to the Nawab of Bengal and now owed it to the British businessmen who had conquered the Nawab was not such a difficult transition .
11 It has been possible for her to work there within the family environment , which stimulates not only her own creativity but that of others .
12 However , since there had been open and vigorous debate about what everyone wanted , it had been possible for her to exercise considerable discretion on the department 's behalf when ordering , or selecting at book suppliers .
13 ‘ It would not have been possible for one to sit upon the throne alongside a woman one no longer loved and lived with .
14 ‘ Now , Mr Jordan , would it have been possible for someone to get into your shed on Friday night , remove the Scapegoat and substitute a body dressed in the Scapegoat 's clothes ? ’
15 It would hardly have been possible for it to support beauty and extravagance and pleasure at the expense of mere survival , but it did at least hint that such a view could be held , and its mere admission of this possibility was to Clara profoundly satisfying .
16 He had , of course , ensured this by demanding the presence of a Polish envoy to discuss them in Berlin before it would have been possible for anyone to get there .
17 We never considered giving up our work with the chimps when the children were born , but it would not have been possible for us to continue without the help of the Africans — I always had two men employed to take care of the children when I went with Christophe into the forest . ’
18 You may remember that Cliff wore a thumb pick and two National finger picks , hence the octaves section in bars 9 and 10 would have been easier for him to pick cleanly than if he 'd used a flat pick and no fingerstyle .
19 With family support of the kind practised here in Bristol , the situation would have been easier for me to accept .
20 By a notice of appeal dated 20 July 1992 the Official Solicitor appealed on the grounds , inter alia , that since the judge had found as facts that ( a ) T. had been able properly and fully to form a balanced judgment and had not been acting under undue influence but had been acting voluntarily , and ( b ) her several expressions withholding consent were valid refusals which bound the hospital , ( 1 ) he had erred in finding himself entitled to make the declaration ; ( 2 ) it had been wrong for him to assess T. 's subsequent intentions and to make assumptions as to whether she would have qualified or changed her refusal in the later circumstances ; and ( 3 ) he had erred in finding that ( a ) there was no evidence that T. had wished to refuse a blood transfusion even though it was at risk to her life , ( b ) lack of understanding of the risks involved justified acting against her expressed refusal , ( c ) her withholding of consent did not embrace the emergency which had arisen and took no account of changed circumstances , ( d ) her expressed refusals did not evince a settled intention to persist in her refusal even if injurious to her health when her best interests required a transfusion ; and ( e ) he was not satisfied that her refusal was continuing .
21 There are lots of different ways to make a buttonhole and here are some for you to try .
22 Membership starts at £8 and you 'll receive regular newsletters , a car emblem and a guide to Woodland Trust woods which are free for you to enjoy .
23 Membership starts at £8 and you 'll receive regular newsletters , a car emblem and a guide to Woodland Trust woods which are free for you to enjoy .
24 She endured his company , that was all ; he told himself that she behaved in all ways like a young lady : it would not have been proper for her to show more feeling .
25 Then you could edit them for her , if you feel you are willing for her to use them … .
26 ‘ I 'd have been delighted for you to have been squeezed in next to me .
27 Their closeness was less due to their nearness in age — though with only eighteen months between them it had been easy for them to grow up with similar interests and shared confidences — than to the fact that neither of their parents had ever made much of them .
28 ‘ It would have been easy for me to bring in someone without any experience and ease them into the job , ’ said Stapleton , now 36 .
29 It 's easy and it would have been easy for me to get up on a platform or to go into the department and say , look lads , you know , we feel that you 're justified in walking out the door .
30 It would have been easy for him to take it off .
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