Example sentences of "of the [noun sg] of [noun pl] " in BNC.

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1 The appointment on Feb. 26 of Col. Faustino Rico Toro as the new head of the Special Force for the Fight against Drug Trafficking ( FELCN ) sparked off a controversy within the country , which resulted in the eventual resignation of the Chief of Police and the Interior Minister .
2 There are three N.F.P.A. Codes which specify the protection of the storage of goods in the United States of America .
3 Accusing the VPN leadership of " not defending the interests of Slovakia " , Meciar declared that the new formation would support a new constitution based on a formal state treaty between the two republics and a slowing of the pace of reforms to create a market economy .
4 ‘ Constance was a model , you know , Gioella , ’ Ludovico interrupted enthusiastically , unaware of the battle of wills that was developing between the women .
5 Shortly before Themistokles fell , Aeschylus ( in 472 ) produced a play , the Persians , which reminded the audience of how Themistokles had deceived King Xerxes at the time of the battle of Salamis .
6 Thus , Egenhofer and Frank ( 1988 ) suggested a way in which the WYSIWYG principle of ‘ what you see is what you get ’ could be extended to GIS and outlined the components of their own system which included a study of the selection of objects and areas , legends and query specification .
7 There is then the question of the selection of topics for these courses — should teachers avoid significant historical events simply because men predominate in them ?
8 Characteristics of groups , like the characteristics of species , are thus considered by most theorists today to be the result of the selection of genes as they manifest themselves in the individuals comprising populations ( G. C. Williams 1966 ; Lewontin 1970 ; E. O. Wilson 1975 ) .
9 Prophet of the shape of things to come
10 As a result , you become increasingly more aware of the quality of light and shade , of tone and texture and of the shape of buildings .
11 I surmise this is because they are unaware of the shape of humans .
12 Prior to the war the bakers was at the top of the tree of tradesmen .
13 A calculation is made of the percentage of non-arrivals , cancellations and guests that terminate their stay earlier than expected .
14 Section 5.2 measures the performance of LA in terms of the percentage of words correctly recognised .
15 I have already discussed the more particular validation of ideas as they bear upon issues in language pedagogy in terms of the evaluation of principles in respect to transfer value .
16 Copper-working was probably equally common , in view of the frequency of objects made from copper alloys .
17 From each venous sample , 100 sets of chromosomes were examined , and counts made of the frequency of cells containing dicentric chromosomes with dissimilar chromosome fragments .
18 In Wales for example where HSU 3 ( History Study Unit ( History Curriculum , England ) ) consists of the core unit " Early peoples , Celts and Romans " , on a museum visit or using material from a museum loan collection , the class might compare a flint scraper and the remnants of an iron knife blade , and look at the importance of the discovery of metals , and the differences it has made to people 's lives .
19 The developments which followed are too recent and perhaps too elaborate to belong in this essentially historical account of the discovery of drugs .
20 The search for details of buildings now gone is as fascinating as that of the discovery of features of those that remain .
21 Unfortunately not ; and there are numerous recorded incidents of the discovery of corpses all owing their ‘ preservation ’ to natural causes rather than the influence of man .
22 If you trod carefully last week , however , it was possible to avoid the appalling tedium of the poll of polls , or the studio debates about the Public Sector Borrowing Requirement .
23 Founder of one of the most successful fashion houses in Paris , he is also founder and President of the Syndicate of Designers and Creators of Ready-to-Wear which brought haute couture into the open market place , particularly in America .
24 In 1277 Robert Kilwardby [ q.v. ] , the archbishop of Canterbury , himself a Dominican friar and former master at Oxford University , condemned a range of Aristotelian theses as well as Aquinas 's novel doctrine of the unicity of forms .
25 One of the rebels , vice-chairman Ronnie Teese , 56 , who has been banned for 12 months , said the club was ‘ terrified of the can of worms they might find ’ .
26 Not really believing it , and in total ignorance of the can of worms she was about to open , she asked , ‘ Are there many with that name in the area ? ’
27 Once we 'd established that nothing had been left behind Emily went off to catch a bus and I decided that no one would mind if I popped my head round the doors of the suite of rooms which George had occupied .
28 In response to these problems the IMF decided from January 1981 to reduce the size of the basket of currencies determining the value of the SDR from sixteen to five and to simplify the calculation of the interest rate on the SDR .
29 The current value of the basket of shares corresponding to one futures contract is £60 000 for the maxi VL , and £12 000 for the mini VL .
30 Amongst those concerns , the issue of the portrayal of women in the media features prominently .
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