Example sentences of "of the [noun sg] [noun pl] over " in BNC.

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1 In evidence to the Environment Committee in 1986 the following report was given on the record of the Church Commissioners over the previous seventeen years , during which the future of 1,053 redundant churches was decided .
2 So what was the point of discussing any of the myriad amendments over the past six months if so many of them could be shrugged off as ‘ ineffective ’ ?
3 In those days it was easy to offend : the establishment liked its Monarch of the Glentype pieces over its Adams fireplaces .
4 We took about £150m out of the operating companies over a couple of years
5 What we do have are some relatively scanty observations of the surface movements over the tropical Pacific based on volunteer observers on merchant ships .
6 This session allows for an in depth examination of the drinking diaries over the last five weeks — identifying the risky circumstances or situations … .
7 The top of the ladder hooks over the main parapet twenty feet above .
8 Some , e.g. Krieger ( 1983 ) and Sunley ( 1986 ) , stress the crucial role of work organization , and the butty system in particular , whereas others — Waller ( 1983 ) and Rees ( 1985 , 1986 ) — emphasize the power of the colliery companies over their villages , and their monopoly of local labour markets .
9 Herbert Tracey reflected that the ‘ defeatist ’ mood of the trade unions over the last few years had been transformed .
10 The Soviet media linked the concern of the conference delegates over international tension in the ‘ Arab Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula ’ to ostensible American plans to set up a new military alliance in the Red Sea area .
11 In addition , over 60% of the adult residents over the age of 12 years have some formal training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( CPR ) .
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