Example sentences of "be just that [pers pn] [adv] " in BNC.

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1 No , well I mean , it were n't as though I had n't put a payment in it were just that it probably was this taking Tracey 's book and I marked it onto Tracey 's , er , Tracey 's book .
2 Those making the decisions have become in a precise sense semi-literate : they can read and write , it is just that they seldom do .
3 It is just that he no longer thinks that filling every cavity is one of them .
4 The second , does anyone want to say any about that ? it 's just that they probably sent it to the appropriate people .
5 But after the first few meetings … well , the people there are nice enough … it 's just that we never seem to hear from them between our quarterly meetings " .
6 Well the , the , the , the , the sort of , the sort of background as I have seen it he never struck me as being particularly clever or bright it 's just that he always seemed to be very well taught and academically successful and exams never seemed an undue problem , and so he went off to Wolverhampton Poly which he selected for , you know , all the usual reasons , reasonable place , reasonable course , a reasonable this a reasonable that , tt erm to do computer science which of course all the kids want to do now erm twentieth centu no it is n't it 's a sort of nineteen eighties version of wanting to be an engine driver is n't it ?
7 No , I think it 's just that it just seems to be like this every year now Peter , that everybody tends to erm wait until the last minute .
8 ‘ Well … it 's just that I always wanted to die clutching something that was near to the earth .
9 It was n't as though either of these men had led me to expect anything , gave me anything to hope for , it 's just that I really liked them , particularly the one I encountered later on .
10 No , can I just say something right , I 'm not desperate and I 'm not a slag or anything , it 's just that I really really fancy Howard , and if I could I would suck his willy .
11 It 's just that I sometimes think oh I 'd love to have a change round but
12 It 's just that you never think of humans as having holes in their socks . ’
13 but it was n't it was just that he probably it was
14 No , no it was n't that at all it was just that it completely , complete completely went from my mind
15 It was just that I never expected it to happen to me . ’
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