Example sentences of "be only now begin [to-vb] " in BNC.

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1 Receiving for me always contained a degree of embarrassment that I am only now beginning to come to terms with .
2 Work organizations are only now beginning to appreciate the need for tension release , for creating regular opportunities to ‘ let it all out ’ at seminars , dinners , training courses , rituals , ceremonies , etc .
3 The police are only now beginning to crack down on this type of smuggling .
4 The emotional trauma of divorce is well known , but the financial complexities are only now beginning to hit home .
5 On a broader front , even the popular movements are only now beginning to raise issues connected with gender and women 's rights despite the long-standing existence of women 's groups which have campaigned on a variety of anti-apartheid issues .
6 The UK produces more sulphur dioxide , the main cause of acid rain , than any other EC member , but is only now beginning to install pollution-control devices to power stations .
7 Statistically , half of them are women , and that third of the world 's population is only now beginning to feel that they have a say in the running of their lives .
8 They seem to creep up on us gradually for reasons that medical science is only now beginning to understand .
9 So I told him things I 'd never told anyone — how much I resented Dad for what he 'd done to Mum , and how Mum had suffered , how painful the whole thing had been , though I was only now beginning to feel it .
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