Example sentences of "do not go far " in BNC.

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1 However , believing that the reforms do not go far enough , and backed by the National Council for Civil Liberties ( Liberty ) and The Independent , he is still pursuing the campaign to the European courts .
2 In any case Kent County Council is concerned that they do not go far enough and has produced its own traffic strategy designed to reduce the pressure on smaller roads .
3 Doubts like this crystallize at one or two points , either where the presuppositions are so mixed and unsatisfactory that they are inaccurate , or where the presuppositions are true as far as they go but do not go far enough and so are incomplete .
4 LUSTY lovers have one complaint about video sex guides — they do not go far enough .
5 The privatisations also help , even if they do not go far enough .
6 Proponents of this approach tend to feel that the changes made so far do not go far enough , however , and that excessive consideration for the biological parent-child relationship is still being allowed to put the child 's future at risk .
7 But , they do not go far enough .
8 It concluded that : ‘ Existing procedures do not go far enough .
9 More than a quarter of the islands ' adults have signed a petition calling for a sheriff 's inquiry into the incident , claiming that the Department of Transport 's private marine accident investigation and Lord Donaldson 's general investigation do not go far enough .
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