Example sentences of "are scattered [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 Now they are scattered through every town and village , families founded on ice cream and fish and chips .
2 Most Croatian Serbs do not live in Krajina but are scattered through the republic .
3 Similar cases are scattered through the records .
4 Most of these patches are subdivided , and 26 small units of DNs are scattered over a wide area .
5 Ancient castles , burial chambers , ruins and churches are scattered over the area , highlighting the rich cultural heritage and providing a contrast to the golden sands , estuaries and wooded valleys .
6 The disk is round to subpentagonal ; covered with thickened skin ; no scales but granules are scattered over the surface which are more conspicuous in dried specimens ; disk diameter up to 20 mm .
7 Small granules are scattered over the surface some developed into low spinelets .
8 Astrological charts , a couple of crystal balls on oddly clawed stands , litters of long-decayed scrolls , and similar items are scattered about the floor , on a couple of tables , and on stands .
9 A few small green leaves are scattered about the bottom of the cupboard …
10 Possibly in nature the eggs are scattered at the surface of the sea among minute plankton which serves as food for the fry and the almost freshwater in the spawning aquarium was a contributing factor to the loss of the fry .
11 Sulphur fins are attached to sapphire bodies , orange spots are scattered on a sage-green flank , chocolate-brown scales are individually rimmed with peacock blue , tails are patterned like archery targets with a golden centre surrounded by outers of scarlet , black and white .
12 Relics of the lead-mining and smelting industry are scattered on the moors in the vicinity .
13 The rounds are scattered on the kitchen table , and I 'm moving the pistol from hand to hand like I was kneading a blob of putty .
14 Old bicycles and a long-disused pram are scattered across the muddy front yard .
15 They can occur associated with ridge and furrow and village earthworks , but they are more widespread on upland areas like Dartmoor , where hundreds of them are scattered across the upland pasture .
16 A few coins — 6 Marienburg Guilders , 2 Imperial Crowns , 14 Imperial Shillings and a solitary Bretonnian Penny — are scattered amongst the filth .
17 Other firms engaged in merchant banking are scattered among the categories of ‘ foreign ’ , ‘ other British ’ and ‘ consortium ’ banks .
18 Among the range of paintings adorning her home , recent works by people like Duncan Shanks are scattered among the woodcuts of her late husband and earlier favourites like DY Cameron .
19 Something like 4m people who speak Greek , or think of themselves as Greek , are scattered around the world .
20 The police are scattered around the area with several pairs of squad cars and at least three Black Marias .
21 Zack must find his tools which are scattered around the factory .
22 Frustrated foxes , singing birds , enchanted islands and smiling Chinamen are scattered in a splendid excess of modelling up the trailing vines of inspired invention .
23 Radar is a technique whereby an object is investigated by beaming at it a short pulse of radio waves some of which are scattered by the object and picked up by a detector .
24 Commons are scattered throughout the county , and although rights of common are fiercely defended they are rarely exercised , and many commons are returning to woodland .
25 Similar bureaux — although far too few of them — are scattered throughout the country , and their addresses are on page 149 .
26 These are scattered throughout the country and include most of the variety of habitats in Japan .
27 Over eighty-five per cent of these are scattered throughout the country in small villages and hamlets .
28 In the constructional steel industry sites where work is available are scattered throughout the UK and , as a result , employees in the industry know that travelling around the country is a feature of employment in it .
29 Typical Polynesian huts are scattered throughout the grounds , each with its own lanai giving substantial views towards the ocean , and the complex has a choice of fine restaurants and bars for intimate meals or more lively evenings .
30 The facts on which you must build your argument are scattered throughout the statement of the problem in what the examiner thinks is flowing English , but which is sometimes anything but clear .
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