Example sentences of "a longer period [conj] " in BNC.

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1 Spruce needles certainly take longer to decay than some other leaves , releasing humic acid over a longer period but at a slower rate , but being a long standing constituent of the northern latitudes coniferous belt , spruce ( Picea ) is quite compatible with lakes well stocked with fish .
2 Some were more active than any predecessor against some particular organism , and some had special merits in use , such as working when given by mouth , or acting for a longer period than usual .
3 For a longer period than in years gone by they can expect to be on their own together .
4 Light : Requires plenty of bright light over a longer period than is required by most other plants .
5 Light : Requires bright light over a longer period than is required for most aquarium plants .
6 Light : Needs very good light over a longer period than is used for other water plants Water temperature : 68°–78°F .
7 He held the leadership of the Conservative Party , to which he was unanimously elected ( proposed by Curzon ) immediately following his accession to the premiership , until 1937 , a longer period than any of his predecessors since Salisbury , and a longer period too than any but one ( Churchill ) of his seven successors has since attained .
8 The small girl who was once told to be a little lady need now only be a girl and , indeed , boyish behaviour is smiled upon in girls for a longer period than the opposite is approved in boys .
9 ( c ) Ensure that no voucher is retained for a longer period than 14 days from receipt .
10 He listened in silence for what seemed a longer period than normal , then she heard him speak .
11 Stock , for example , is issued for 25 years at the most , for the obvious reason that the market will charge a high premium for lending over a longer period than that .
12 As the right hon. Gentleman is now keen to look at a longer period than just the last year , he will also be interested to know that between 1981 and 1991 the British economy grew faster than the German economy , the French economy , the Italian economy or the economy of any other country in Europe .
13 It is quite common to insert further provisions prohibiting the offeree group from entering into contracts or commitments involving more than a stated sum or for a longer period than , say , a year , or entering into other transactions which are outside the routine course of trading without the consent of the acquirer .
14 Also , it is likely that although I will get custody of my daughter , he will also be given leave to see her every week , and likely for a longer period than he sees her now .
15 The announcement of a scheme will put the target company " into play " for a longer period than under a conventional offer ( which , as mentioned above , may be declared unconditional up to one month earlier than a scheme can be implemented ) .
16 Changing the law to place NationalPower and Power-Gen under a legal obligation to agree fixed contracts for specified tonnages over a longer period than the current year was hinted at by Michael Heseltine , the President of the Board of Trade , in evidence to the energy select committee last year .
17 The run-down was to be stretched over a longer period and the agreed strength raised from Sandys ’ proposed 45,000 to 55,000 .
18 While life expectancy has extended , it appears to have been at the price of a longer period and a greater proportion of life being spent in chronic sickness .
19 Well some people have been talking about five to seven years , I 've been saying all the way through that we 're very flexible on this , and clearly if erm a bidder whether it 's a management buy out with other people in the bid , others in the consortium , or an outright bid from a private sector consortium er if if they get the franchise and make clear that that 's on the basis that they 're going to put a lot of money into the capital investment , then clearly they will want a longer period and we have made that clear .
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