Example sentences of "it is usually assumed " in BNC.

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1 The derivation of the birds from a reptilian ( possibly dinosaur ) ancestor is certain , and because the earliest fossil bird , Archaeopteryx , is Jurassic in age , it is usually assumed that the split from the reptiles occurred in the earlier part of the period .
2 It is usually assumed ( see e.g. LoLordo and Ross 1987 ; Ross and LoLordo 1987 ) that such explicit training is necessary for a stimulus to acquire modulatory , occasion-setting properties ( but see also Bonardi ( 1989 , 1991 ) ) .
3 It is usually assumed that this is a deficiency in the enzymes ( see p 18 ) that detoxify foreign chemicals .
4 It is usually assumed that the aim of group management is to maximise group profit .
5 For example , hearing impairments provide a common aetiology for linguistic difficulties among deaf children and for this reason it is usually assumed that deaf children will respond to therapy in similar ways .
6 It is usually assumed that although the ever-increasing indebtedness of the USA can not continue indefinitely , the elimination of the imbalance should not be brought about by sudden and severe adjustment .
7 It is usually assumed that the ineffable in art is beyond the province of the professional academic scholar .
8 It is usually assumed that teachers and heads are held to account but whether they are accountable to resource providers ( ratepayers , taxpayers , policy makers , administrators ) , customers ( pupils , parents , employers ) , or their professional colleagues , is ill-defined .
9 When the rear subdivision is absent , it is usually assumed , on very little evidence , that an upper storey acted as the domestic residence or , alternatively , as storage space .
10 When these figures show a substantial increase , it is usually assumed that crime , in particular violent crime , has risen dramatically , but , particularly in recent years , other factors have influenced those statistics .
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