Example sentences of "it [is] normally assumed " in BNC.

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1 for approximate computational purposes it is normally assumed in the western world that a full working year is no more than 200 man-days .
2 It is normally assumed that because each eye projects to both hemispheres any imbalance between the two eyes is adequately controlled .
3 It is normally assumed that a given variable would have remained constant in the absence of integration .
4 It is normally assumed that this reconstruction will not result in long-term unemployment of resources , or worse , permanent under-utilisation of resources in some sectors .
5 The subjective estimate could be based on pure hunch and guesswork at the end of period t - 1 , but in order to introduce a degree of empirical testability into the model it is normally assumed that is arrived at by some policy rule which includes on the right-hand side only those variables whose magnitudes are known at the end of the period t - 1 .
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