Example sentences of "the trouble of making " in BNC.

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1 William Houstoun went to the trouble of making drawings in the West Indies , which he bequeathed to Philip Miller and from these Sir Joseph Banks published the engravings as Reliquiae Houstounianae ( 1781 ) .
2 Cook a 4-oz. pack of frozen peas or runner beans and serve with an uncooked grated sharp-tasting eating apple to save the trouble of making apple sauce .
3 Who had gone to the trouble of making such notes ?
4 ‘ Why on earth do you think Syl went to all the trouble of making her a separate kitchen ? ’
5 ‘ If she 's dead , ’ said Sam , ‘ she 's not going to mind much about anything , and anyway , if she went to all the trouble of making that tape in the first place , she 's obviously not bothered about leaving it lying around .
6 If you do n't want to go to all the trouble of making curtains yourself , Rectella has a huge range of ready-made curtains and operates a made-to-measure service through its nationwide stockists .
7 I can if necessary put the achievements and remaining problems of my writers into words to save people the trouble of making up their own minds .
8 So my suggestion and this is only a suggestion , the beards which in the past have been interpreted as a kind of erm epigrammatic signal , in other words a kind of erm sign on the face of the male as they 're deceived , my guess is that , th that beards may actually have evolved to protect the throat because erm the critical thing in , in killing somebody is to block the , the windpipe and that 's and in fact even , even lions do this , you saw in the film when a lion kills an antelope or something , he does n't go to all the trouble of making horrible gashes , he grabs the , the windpipe and holds on until the antelope or whatever it is is just er
9 She come off the phone and she said , bloody hell she said that one of the rare times I go to the trouble of making myself butties for dinner , cos usually she gets a pasty or something , and I get invited out for dinner , you this Viv er , a friend of hers , you know the one that was having trouble with all that drainage underneath the
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