Example sentences of "do not go far " in BNC.

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1 Easthope believes that the modernist concept of ‘ impersonality ’ , later systematized in the New Criticism , and theorized by Wimsatt and Beardsley in their famous essay ‘ The Intentional Fallacy ’ , was on the right lines , but did not go far enough , as the author was not really banished .
2 Many reformers also complained that the new party 's founding document , adopted on Saturday by an 80 per cent majority , did not go far enough .
3 MOSCOW ( Reuter ) — A Soviet parliamentary committee rejected the government 's proposed budget and economic plan for 1990 saying it did not go far enough in adapting the Soviet planned economy to competition and market forces .
4 Some dubbed it a cosmetic exercise which did not go far enough and said too many concessions had already been made to industry .
5 Proposals to curb litter and waste did not go far enough and would land local authorities with extra bills but no additional resources .
6 Many people felt that the Thorneycroft/Mountbatten reorganization did not go far enough , and that Service Departments should have been abolished and a completely functional organization adopted .
7 Some activists were disappointed at the emphasis on legal measures and discouragement of ‘ direct action ’ and felt that legislation did not go far enough in tackling the ‘ Jewish Question ’ .
8 The Bundesbank has warned that monetary union will fail because Maastricht did not go far enough on political union .
9 ‘ The Commission and West Germany thought this did not go far enough — others thought it went too far , ’ says Haigh .
10 They were soon repudiated by ten of the Member States , including Britain , but for different reasons , some tactical , some in principle and some ( especially German ) because the Dutch proposals did not go far enough .
11 His policy of moving towards a more liberal regime led to the usual situation which such changes produce , that is , for the reformers he did not go far enough , for the conservatives he went too far .
12 They lived frugally off a diet of porridge and lentils and beans and yogurt ; they drank a little beer , making it spin out ; they shared book-buying ; they were both entirely confined to their grants , which did not go far in London , and could not be supplemented with holiday earnings , for these had vanished with the oil crisis .
13 Steps were taken to reduce capacity : shifts were cut and shod time introduced but these measures did not go far enough to balance supply and demand .
14 She was slightly agoraphobic and did not go far from home on her own .
15 Kinnock 's modernisation did not go far enough , as it was based on old-style labourism and single-party arrogance .
16 Mrs Hirst , who is the chairman of a local disabled charity group , believed these steps were important , but she thought they did not go far enough .
17 From the point of view of the development of political sociology in relation to the politics of gender however , the radical critique of behaviourism — much of it influenced by a Marxist perspective — did not go far enough .
18 Conservatives worried about the budget deficit implications of the proposed cut while the many liberals in congress were convinced that the cut did not go far enough .
19 These measures were welcomed , but many felt they did not go far enough .
20 Their cheer did not go far in the brittle morning air but it pleased her .
21 A quite contrary type of criticism of the Devolution Bill came from those who felt it did not go far enough : the existing degree of administrative devolution in Scotland required a genuine , federal assembly even with taxing powers .
22 Kohlberg 's theory is similar to Piaget 's , he said that Piaget did not go far enough .
23 The vote against was that of Boris Yeltsin , the central committee 's leading radical , who had argued during the debate that the reforms did not go far enough .
24 On Jan. 31 , 1990 , the Financial Times reported West German officials as saying that the recent trade liberalization moves by the USA did not go far enough .
25 A PDS statement said that Amato 's draft programme did not go far enough towards creating a " government of innovation " and did not give sufficient weight to the elimination of corrupt practices .
26 The package also angered many Hong Kong liberals who argued that the reforms did not go far enough .
27 At its July meeting the Council heard some members complain that the proposals did not go far enough and would not lead to greater freedoms for institutions , and heard others wonder if the long-term aim was in fact ‘ complete autonomy ’ .
28 The number of responses opposed to the proposals on the grounds that they did not go far enough towards independence was very small — only a few academic boards of institutions had expressed that view .
29 15 of them , together with Austria , issued a formal objection to the conference 's final statement , claiming that it did not go far enough in setting goals for limiting global warming , or in guaranteeing aid to developing countries .
30 Friends of the Earth , which has been campaigning for a clean-up programme , welcomed the announcement but said it did not go far enough .
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