Example sentences of "[am/are] [verb] [adv prt] all over [art] " in BNC.

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1 They 're growing up all over the place and as you say , Ernie he he he did say about education but whose gon na run education in the future same as social services , you 'll soon find they 'll social services up into the health service .
2 You 're wobbling about all over the strings .
3 Funny that the kids are so quiet , usually after a day cooped up in there they 're jumping around all over the place .
4 Slack planning laws mean hotels are growing up all over the place , said Nick — who quickly threw out his own idea that the West has all the answers to the problems .
5 ‘ The lights are going out all over the galaxy , ’ he said softly .
6 The books are lying about all over the place in Shellerton .
7 More and more self-build projects are taking off all over the NorthEast and Mr Edwards said clear guidelines had to be laid down .
8 Since no self-respecting modern cookbook leaves herbs out of its recipes , since courses in herbal medicine are springing up all over the place , and since cosmetics which rely on plants are taking the place of the synthetic beauty treatments what , one might ask , is a herb ?
9 Social Security Ministers are ducking about all over the place .
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