Example sentences of "[vb -s] [noun] [prep] all over the " in BNC.

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1 Your officers has members from all over the country will try to apply a broad view but there are changes that will be necessary but they will attempt to do them in the most sympathetic and most broadly based way .
2 I am raising a point of order because my understanding is that this is the United Kingdom Parliament , which has representatives from all over the United Kingdom .
3 First of all the British Met Office erm receives information from all over the world , and it is able to do this because it is part of a massive weather organisation called the World Met Organisation , and this is linked by very , very high-speed communications worldwide .
4 The event , sponsored by the Cooperative Bank and organised by the town 's recreation department , attracts entries from all over the country , many of whom run in fancy dress for their favourite charities .
5 Held only once every 20 years , Preston Guild attracts visitors from all over the world .
6 The Engineers School attracts inventors from all over the Old World and has provided the Empire with a number of experimental weapons such as repeating muskets and pistols , multiple-barrelled cannons , mobile battle-towers called War Wagons , and the formidable Steam Tank .
7 Hay now attracts customers from all over the world .
8 The project has its own equipment , dark room and professional photographer-in-residence and attracts people from all over the town to its daily classes .
9 The Cenacle welcomes people from all over the country and holds courses and seminars which cover a wide range of denominations .
10 It is a research centre of international standing , has gained high rating in national research selectivity surveys , and attracts students from all over the world , including some 150 postgraduate students .
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