Example sentences of "[vb mod] be assumed to be [verb] " in BNC.

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1 He bethought himself guiltily of Sergeant Crane , who might be assumed to be waiting to continue the conversation that Francesca 's call had interrupted , and padded down the corridor .
2 Donaldson may be assumed to be referring to the Duke of Hamilton 's mausoleum at Hamilton Palace which Bryce executed after Burn had departed for London .
3 This means that prices and wages may be assumed to be fixed in the short-run .
4 In conversations which involve speakers of both the first and second generations it is mainly the behaviour of the second generation speakers which is of interest , for it is these individuals who have " stylistic mobility " between London English and Creole and can be assumed to be using the two codes differentially ( though not necessarily consciously ) in a strategic way .
5 It is not difficult to see that in understanding such an exchange we make a great number of detailed ( pragmatic ) inferences about the nature of the context in which ( 32 ) can be assumed to be taking place .
6 Functional studies were essentially positivist in nature and depended upon the notion that phenomena can be explained as instances of repeated and predictable regularities in which form and function can be assumed to be related , and indeed form and process figured in the titles of a number of books concerned with processes ( e.g. Carson and Kirkby , 1972 ; Gregory and Walling , 1973 ) .
7 Thus by overtly infringing some maxim , the speaker can force the hearer to do extensive inferencing to some set of propositions , such that if the speaker can be assumed to be conveying these then at least the over-arching cooperative principle would be sustained .
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