Example sentences of "[vb mod] be assumed to be [v-ing] " in BNC.

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1 He bethought himself guiltily of Sergeant Crane , who might be assumed to be waiting to continue the conversation that Francesca 's call had interrupted , and padded down the corridor .
2 Donaldson may be assumed to be referring to the Duke of Hamilton 's mausoleum at Hamilton Palace which Bryce executed after Burn had departed for London .
3 In conversations which involve speakers of both the first and second generations it is mainly the behaviour of the second generation speakers which is of interest , for it is these individuals who have " stylistic mobility " between London English and Creole and can be assumed to be using the two codes differentially ( though not necessarily consciously ) in a strategic way .
4 It is not difficult to see that in understanding such an exchange we make a great number of detailed ( pragmatic ) inferences about the nature of the context in which ( 32 ) can be assumed to be taking place .
5 Thus by overtly infringing some maxim , the speaker can force the hearer to do extensive inferencing to some set of propositions , such that if the speaker can be assumed to be conveying these then at least the over-arching cooperative principle would be sustained .
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