Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] found [prep] [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Professor Glennerster says that his research shows that none of the alleged scares about the scheme could be found to be true .
2 The hope is that addictive disease of all kinds may be found to be due to a common biochemical dysfunction and that it can therefore be corrected .
3 In many cases such user may be found to be tax-free because the taxpayer who uses the premises has not received " income " for the purposes of Schedule D , Case I and Case II .
4 If it could be measured in units related to time , the quantities may be found to be proportional to the distance back in the evolutionary chain to which an individual may revert .
5 A few patients who are admitted may be found to be unfit for anaesthesia , or it may be decided that their condition is unlikely to respond to surgery .
6 It is submitted that this is sensible : if the party seeking to enforce the restraint were required to match the restraint exactly to the interest very few restraints , if any at all , would be found to be reasonable .
7 If the performance were costed , the assumption that the retirement pension is not earned but an unreciprocated gift from the employed to the non-employed would be found to be untenable .
8 Scots per day … that all servants that shall be found to be fourty days out of service after they Leave their former Masters and not engaged with ane oyr. master shall pay ten merks Scots of fine , and that every woman that shall be found out of service as above to pay five merks Scots of fine … " 1729 .
9 In considering whether at this stage it is possible to say that the answer to this question must be ‘ nothing ’ I must assume that the third defendant will be found guilty of conspiracy or fraud as alleged by the plaintiffs and also that the third party will be found to be negligent as regards the plaintiffs in the respects mentioned in the third party notice .
10 It seems probable that many of the models outlined above will be found to be applicable to at least some passive margins , but much work remains to be done in this field .
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