Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] [vb pp] to be equivalent " in BNC.

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1 Your salary is £8,250 exclusive of live-in benefits , which may be assumed to be equivalent to a further 20 per cent .
2 Thus the difference in the polarization of the approaching waves in this situation can be seen to be equivalent to the rotational parameter in the Kerr solution .
3 Making use of equations ( 8.36 ) and ( 8.37 ) , the simplifying condition on can be seen to be equivalent to which in practice simply means that the coil providing impedance must have a high Q-factor .
4 It would be unduly optimistic to assume that management skills have risen to a level such that costs undertaken can be assumed to be equivalent to value .
5 In terms of the metric functions of the line element ( 6.20 ) , this rotation can be shown to be equivalent to the result that , if U , V , W and M are solutions of ( 6.22 ) , then another solution is given by ( 12.12 )
6 Algebraically , this can be shown to be equivalent to , If the energy required to propagate the crack by producing the two new fracture surfaces were really confined to C , the free surface energy ( which is seldom much above I J/m 2 ) , then simple arithmetic will show that , at any realistic stress level , the critical crack length would be very short indeed , perhaps around a micron .
7 Panov then took the initial solution to be the totally general solution of Szekeres ( 1972 ) , which can be considered to be equivalent to the general solution given here by ( 10.16 ) .
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