Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] [vb pp] to be present " in BNC.

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1 Such textual analysis , undertaken with a feminist pair of eyes , is uncovering the depth at which sexism must be seen to be present in the text .
2 The numbers of the skeletal elements are usually expressed as proportions of the numbers that would be expected to be present for a given number of prey individuals , which is usually the minimum number of individuals ( MNI ) .
3 Moreover , a viral superantigen would be expected to be present in all HIV-infected patients , unless its activity depends on half the HLA phenotypes .
4 When a sender judges her receiver 's schema to correspond to a significant degree with her own , she need only mention features which are not contained in it ( the time of getting up and what she had for breakfast , for example ) ; other features ( like getting out of bed and getting dressed ) will be assumed to be present by default , unless we are told otherwise .
5 And they have requested that one of their representatives will be allowed to be present in order to put their case .
6 Yet , as Mary Ainsworth ( 1969 ) points out in relation to the concept of attachment between mother and child ( monkeys included ) , a mental or physiological condition can be said to be present even when it is not visible in behaviour .
7 God is present throughout reality in the sense in which a person can be said to be present throughout his or her body .
8 However , certain features can be expected to be present in any viable theory .
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