Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] assumed to be [art] " in BNC.

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1 If women are to be a good test of male-oriented psychological theories , as egalitarian feminist psychology hopes , they must be assumed to be a largely homogeneous population .
2 Detrimental to the plaintiff it can not be , if he has no cause of action ; and beneficial to the defendant it can not be ; for , in contemplation of law , the defence upon such an admitted state of facts must be successful , and the defendant will recover costs , which must be assumed to be a full compensation for all the legal damage he may sustain .
3 Simple pre-exposure may be assumed to be an effective method for reducing associability because it allows the rapid formation either of a strong stimulus — no event association or of associations among stimulus elements , just as consistent reinforcement allows the rapid formation of a strong CS-US association .
4 Burrough ( 1986 ) suggests that the area of the map covered by lines can be assumed to be an area of uncertainty .
5 This is that , where there is judicial uncertainty over the meaning of a legislative text , in the absence of any consequent overt expression of a contrary parliamentary view , certain categories of statement on the effect of the provision of a Bill by one of a narrowly defined group of parliamentarians , if not later withdrawn or varied , can be assumed to be an expression of parliamentary intention .
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