Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] considered to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 No justification therefore exists for treating subfertile women with contraceptive drugs , and the endometriosis should be considered to be coincidental unless it has caused tubal and ovarian damage that requires repair .
2 Recent reports have argued that the presence of ectopic endometrium may be physiological and should be considered to be pathological only if associated with symptoms or signs of progression and tissue damage .
3 He believes ‘ That all individuals should be considered to be good , worthwhile and honest until he or she proves to the contrary ’ , It is a sentiment that still today remains his guiding light , and he would add that ‘ All things are possible through God ’ .
4 Land reform is one of the crucial ( and most controversial ) matters facing the newly elected Hungarian parliament and present law must be considered to be ephemeral .
5 ( 11.30 ) In Section 10.2 it has been argued that this solution must be considered to be unphysical on its own , but it may be included as a factor in more general solutions .
6 Such an abnormality might be considered to be insufficient to explain the severity and chronicity of symptoms , however , involvement of widespread areas of the intestine including the colon have been described in cryptosporidiosis and the extent of the enteropathy may be an important factor in these cases .
7 Alternatively , all three persons , programmer , database developer and user , might be considered to be joint authors .
8 The advantages of such a mechanism are clear , it is possible to manipulate the model and thus understand the outside world in the sense of predicting what will happen without the potential costs of attempting to manipulate the real world and allowing things to happen , some of which might be considered to be unfortunate .
9 Since neither House can by its own declaration create a new privilege , privilege may be considered to be capable of being ascertained and thus judicially known to the courts .
10 There is no cut-off point above which ‘ churning ’ may be considered to be unacceptable , so clients have to watch their portfolios carefully .
11 This account of the functioning of the family in modern industrial society may be considered to be defective in a variety of respects .
12 The gyroscopes associated with Artifical Horizons are subject to errors both in turns and during fore-and-aft acceleration , but for all practical purposes may be considered to be unaffected by the normal manoeuvres experienced in airline operations .
13 Time and resources spent on music , therefore , may be considered to be disproportionate to its importance in the life of the community .
14 Even drinking in a public bar may be considered to be solitary if the principal reason for doing so is the consumption of alcohol rather than for specific social contact .
15 In effect , since energy is the capacity for doing work , all energy may be considered to be stored energy .
16 Those born in countries referred to as the Third World are much less likely to reach what would be considered to be old age .
17 If the testable condition evaluates to 1 , for example , the result of the test would be considered to be TRUE and the THEN part of the IF …
18 It is highly unlikely that semiconductor designs will be considered to be artistic works .
19 The activity of the solvent can be considered to be equal to the mole fraction of the solvent x 1 .
20 Some of these causes fall into an ‘ organic ’ category , such as delayed maturation , heredity , or age of the child , while others can be considered to be emotional in origin , for example parents ' management method , stress and disturbance in the family .
21 Panov then took the initial solution to be the totally general solution of Szekeres ( 1972 ) , which can be considered to be equivalent to the general solution given here by ( 10.16 ) .
22 On the other hand , none of these items can be considered to be collective consumption , as are roads and street lighting , for example .
23 Having suggested that the 1960s were characterised by a series of discrete panics around moral issues , there is neither an account — other than an essentially economistic one — of the aetiology of such panics , nor an explanation of the way(s) in which they can be considered to be discrete .
24 In this respect , although usually referred to as empirical , it can be considered to be scientific .
25 Several of the sites recognized can be considered to be divergent forms of the consensus sequence which is recognized by Vmw175 .
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