Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] expect to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Thus most people dying of asthma should be expected to be old .
2 My objection was not to discussion of the subject , but to the refusal of those who might be expected to be clear and able spokesmen of the Church to commit themselves to a firm position on right and wrong .
3 Meetings therefore always took place at five-thirty in the evening , a time when a politician , a lawyer or a captain of industry might be expected to be able to get away from his office for an important private occasion .
4 The motivation for the project was : staff recognition of a need to evaluate whether children made any real progress in their written work between 1st year infants and 4th year juniors ; whether too much was expected too soon , and whether it is possible to decide an age when the average child could be expected to be competent in certain skills ; whether the language curriculum throughout the school was sufficiently broad in terms of coverage or whether there was unnecessary duplication ; whether the most able children were being stretched enough ; whether there was any justification for ‘ setting ’ across classes for certain kinds of work ; whether pooling teacher energy and resources on a common topic increased intra-staff awareness and co-operation , and co-operation and interest among children from different classes ; and finally , whether whole-school topic work appeared sufficiently worthwhile in terms of children 's learning experiences to warrant repetition at some future date .
5 Together these viewpoints have distorted the development of English education at the expense of a balanced provision in a system which could be expected to be concerned with the broad world of personal development , preparation for employment and providing for economic and community need , both local and national .
6 Under these circumstances bood sizes would be expected to be low and behavioural traits to emphasize careful and effective rearing and foraging under difficult circumstances .
7 If these strands were antiparallel spin diffusion crosspeaks would be expected to be visible between G2H1 and G5H8 , and vice versa. 5122K data sets were acquired using time proportional phase incrementation ( ref. 31 ) in phase-sensitive mode , with a sweep width of 7,812.5Hz .
8 The numbers of the skeletal elements are usually expressed as proportions of the numbers that would be expected to be present for a given number of prey individuals , which is usually the minimum number of individuals ( MNI ) .
9 Moreover , a viral superantigen would be expected to be present in all HIV-infected patients , unless its activity depends on half the HLA phenotypes .
10 As the OECD research group on traffic safety in residential areas has commented , ‘ signing regulations should be supported by engineering structural measures as enforcement would be expected to be minimal . ’
11 As a returner , these are the skills in which you will be expected to be competent before being allowed to return to practice .
12 Signs in use for many referents reflect one or two of these properties , and thus we should not be surprised that comparisons of sign lists result in such a high degree of similarity , as the appearance , movement , and use of an object can be expected to be similar across different cultures .
13 However , certain features can be expected to be present in any viable theory .
14 It requires the cooperation of every citizen , and no law which unreasonably infringes the freedoms of that citizen can be expected to be effective .
15 The period for which the product can be expected to be stable under given conditions must also be specified .
16 Simply stated , the relative growth rate of an unconstrained plant can be expected to be constant .
17 It seems that a similar test might be applicable to international legal incapacity ; where a prior treaty is well-known and public , a third party can be expected to be aware of any limitations upon the capacity of a treaty member to enter into a treaty with itself .
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